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WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Update

WordPress 6.0 was released recently on May 24, 2022. The developers have since brought out WordPress 6.0.1 to fix bugs.

It introduces 13 core and 18 block editor bug fixes. In this post, we will discuss the fixes that we’ve found the most interesting!

WordPress 6.0.1 Bug Fixes

You can review all the fixes in more detail on the WordPress Trac or the GitHub repository. Some improvements may not be related to user experience, such as the About page video thumbnail update or the reversion of the Twenty Ten theme.

That said, we’ve tested WordPress 6.0.1 and identified the fixes that significantly improve the block editor.

Default Template for New Post

We’ve found the default template bug fix to be the most significant of all 6.0.1 improvements.

When adding a new post, the default template selected by the editor used to be the 404 error page. This wasn’t logical or convenient – ​​you had to change the template settings whenever you would add a new post.

WordPress post editor, showing the template settings and the default 404 template.

WordPress 6.0.1 has fixed this issue. The default template is now the Single post template. You won’t have to change the template settings unless you wish to use another post template.

Pattern Keywords

The ability to register block patterns from the WordPress pattern directory in the theme.json file was a highly anticipated feature of the WordPress 6.0 major release.

The process was meant to be quite simple – you’d only need to add pattern slugs to the theme.json file, and you’d be able to insert the added theme via the pattern inserter of the block editor.

However, keywords are now stored based on their meta value instead of the taxonomy in the pattern directory. This made it impossible to find a registered pattern in the editor.

WordPress 6.0.1 now implements the same values ​​for keywords, and you can register patterns in the theme.json file and use them via the theme editor.

WordPress pattern inserter, showing a registered custom pattern.

The latest posts block has a default behavior that allows users to click links in the theme editor. However, accidentally clicking the link would’ve taken you away from the content you were editing.

The developers have decided to implement a pop-up alert to inform users that the link is disabled. This way, links are still recognized and communicated as such, but clicking them won’t interfere with whatever you’re doing.

WordPress latest posts block, highlighting the pop-up that appears when users click on the link.

The navigation block allows you to be creative with your website menu. Unfortunately, a bug has been discovered – issues could arise when creating a submenu with the open on click option enabled.

The bug resulted in the submenus not retaining the same style as the parent menus, requiring you to customize the style to make them uniform. This was especially inconvenient when working with parent menus with custom typography and colors.

WordPress 6.0.1 has solved this issue – now, you can add submenus with styles inherited from their parent menus.

WordPress navigation block with a submenu, showing the inherited style.

How to Update Your WordPress Version

There are two easy ways to update WordPress:

  • Via the WordPress dashboard. Whenever an update is available, this banner sits at the top of your admin panel. Click on the link – it will take you to the WordPress update page.
WordPress update banner that appears on the admin panel.
  • Via hPanel. Open the WordPress dashboard on hPanel and check the WordPress version in the bottom-right section. You should see a button to update WordPress.
WordPress version section on hPanel that contains the Update to 6.0.1 button.

If you need more information, read our tutorial on updating a WordPress site.

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Top 5 Private Email features — chosen by you

I love PrivateEmail because it’s a great service. It’s both simple to use and very affordable for my business.’

Recently, we outlined the top 11 Private Email features, as chosen by regular users of the product — our very own staff.

Now, we’re going a step further by revealing what you, our loyal customers, love about Private Email, and why you love the way it helps you manage business communications.

Our customers’ Top 5

Here are our customers’ top things they love about using Prvate Email:

1. Great features and easy to use

Combining features — like team calendars, Jellyfish anti-spam protection, document editors, and more — with easy-to-use design is what makes Private Email stand out against competitors, so it’s surprising that it tops the list. Intuitive design is always at the heart of design improvements for Private Email, so it makes sense that it came out as a key feature. After all, what more could you ask for than something that works for you right off the bat?

Private email is the most advanced and easy email I have used, with very fast incoming and outgoing email delivery. I’ve even recommended it to more than 10 people.’

‘It is one of the most stable email platforms to use.’

It was super easy to set up my very first mailing list and it’s been working out wonderfully so far! Thanks for making the process so simple.’

2. Professional appearance

Sending from an email address that includes your domain name helps instill the feeling of professionalism and trustworthiness in your customers. Many of you told us this is one of the key things that sets Private Email apart from free email providers. When communications come from @yourdomain.com they immediately look legitimate.

‘I love Private Email because it adds an air of professionalism to my emails and makes me an individual instead of just another unknown quantity bobbing in a sea of ​​Gmailers and yahoos.’

David from Alabama.

‘Private Email leads people to recognize me quickly and connect me with confidence.’

Hello from Bangkok

3. Affordability

It wouldn’t be a Namecheap product unless affordability was at the core. Giving great value for money has always been our aim, and we’re the most affordable service on the market for domain-based email addresses. Private Email is the low-cost email solution that many of you can’t do without.

‘The price! It’s the best bang for the buck out there since it’s so easy to use and cheaper than everywhere else. I also love how easy it is to set up and keep associated with my domain name. It’s all automatic!’

Allan from Virginia

“I love that I don’t have to break the bank to get secure and stable mail hosting.”

Nosike from Benin City

4. Reliability

As with all Namecheap products, we pride ourselves on reliability when it comes to Private Email. Your account is run on secure, reliable servers with over 99.9% uptime. You can also sync your Private Email account with devices, so you can read emails even when you’re offline.

What I love about Private Email from Namecheap is that it just works. Been using it for years and have never had an issue. I love that I haven’t had to think about it — that it effortlessly works with Gmail.’

David from New Jersey

‘Namecheap is at the heart of our Station and with private email which is super reliable helps us keep in touch easily with our DJs and listeners.’

It just works! I’ve never had any issues.’

Michael from Pennsylvania

5. Secure, with 24-hour support

We go above and beyond to keep your data safe throughout Namecheap, and that includes Private Email as well. Boasting features like Two-factor authentication (with the opportunity to block IMAP, POP3, and SMTP connections for total security), an application passwords feature, and Jellyfish anti-spam protection. But we also want you to be able to reach out to a friendly (and real) human if you run into any difficulties for all the support you need. Whenever you need it, our 24-hour Customer Support team of in-house experts is on hand to help.

I really like that I can have more control over privacy and intrusion into my email. Certainly much better than Gmail in that regard, and not all that expensive!’

Mark from Illinois

‘Customer service is incredibly helpful & I spend more of my time working on what matters. Thank you, Namecheap.’

Juliana from Wisconsin

Try it yourself

Don’t take our word for it (or even theirs)! Get two months free of Private Email today and try it out for yourself. See how it works for your business, and let us know what you think!

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Hostinger’s Shared Hosting Was Just Right for Jack’s Business

Working with companies that support your business’s success is crucial when you’re an entrepreneur. Jack Bies, a branding agency owner, has tried various hosting providers to build his websites, but his positive experience with Hostinger made him a loyal customer. Learn how our services have supported his entrepreneurial journey and boosted his website speed.

The Background

As a former football player, Jack knows how difficult it is to make it in the sports industry. “I used to play professionally, but I quickly realized that only one percent of players can get to the top. So, when football players end their careers, they’re usually not sure what to do next,” he said.

Seeing this problem, Jack turned his passion into a business. And thus, JAX Branding was born – a creative agency that helps football professionals establish their brands and start their businesses.

To accomplish this mission and promote his services, Jack needed a website.

The Challenge: Finding Web Hosting With Responsive Customer Support

For Jack, it was important to establish long-term relationships with companies that could be reliable partners for his business. When he was about to launch JAX Branding, he knew he needed a web host with fast and helpful customer support.

He also wanted one that supports WordPress – his go-to platform for building websites. Even though Jack had web development experience, hand-coding sites from scratch would take too much time. He also didn’t want to use a website builder as it’s not flexible enough for his business.

“I was using a website builder for a while, but I wasn’t really happy with the limited customization options. It’s like you don’t have full control over your own website,” said Jack.

What Made Jack Choose Hostinger

Jack found Hostinger seven years ago through various recommendations online. Since then, he has been using our Single Shared Hosting plan for a family project.

As his experience at Hostinger had been positive, purchasing another plan for his agency’s website was a no-brainer.

Jack Bies's quote about Hostinger, which says that the company is the best on the market for his needs

Customer Obsession is an essential value for us at Hostinger. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 live chat and email support, available in over ten languages. Clients can get the assistance they need in no time, no matter where they are.

When asked to share his experience with our Customer Success agents, Jack recalled the time his website was down due to a sudden traffic surge.

“I’ve spoken to your Customer Success agents probably a hundred times. I even spoke to someone on Christmas Eve because my website crashed, and you were still kind enough to help me during this occasion. This is something I will never forget,” Jack commented.

Jack also cited our knowledge base and tutorials as another reason he sticks with Hostinger.

Jack Bies's quote about Hostinger, which says that the company's Customer Success team is highly knowledgeable in its field

When it comes to Hostinger’s features, Jack likes hPanel’s Account Sharing, which lets him safely grant his clients access to their websites’ hosting or domain. If they need to modify their hosting configurations, they can simply log in to the account instead of having Jack do it for them.

Boosting Jack’s Website Performance

The last time Jack contacted our Customer Success team, he asked for help with one of the most pressing issues faced by website owners – how to speed up a site. At the time, GTMetrix gave his website a D score, with the speed index being six seconds.

jaxbranding.com's website speed test results on GTMetrix before the site was optimized by Hostinger's technical team

To ensure the best possible performance, we asked Jack if our technical team could look into his site to diagnose the problem. Before implementing any changes, we waited for his permission to edit the files and back them up.

The good news was that his website was already using a premium caching plugin, but it wasn’t enough. One of the main speed bottlenecks was the enormous network payload, typically caused by large file sizes.

To tackle the problem, our technical team merged all of the pages’ CSS and JavaScript code. This has decreased the number of requests made between the web browser and server, reducing the site’s loading time.

The result? An outstanding boost of performance. JAX Branding went from a D to an A grade, with a fully loaded time of 814 milliseconds.

jaxbranding.com's improved speed test results on GTMetrix after the site was optimized by Hostinger's technical team

With a faster loading time, potential clients will feel more than welcome to stay on JAX Branding’s website and explore its services.

What’s Next?

“I’ve obviously used Hostinger for every stage of my journey. It’s absolutely fantastic to have you by my side for all these years,” said Jack.

Jack’s next goal is to scale his agency to the next level and support more football professionals. At the moment, he’s looking to improve his website’s SEO so that he can expand his business’s reach.

Whatever Jack needs to build success online, our team will always be happy to help him. “With business, it’s not about the big things – it’s the little things that make it worthwhile, and Hostinger is extraordinary in that.”

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