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Google touts new AI to combat misinformation

Google is rolling out a new artificial intelligence tool that could help prevent misleading information from appearing in people’s news feeds on searches. In a recent post, Google’s VP of Search Pandu Nayak said they were improving the on-page answers at the top of some Google searches. These featured snippets attempt to answer questions on the results page without the user needing to view the source page. But, as pointed out by Gizmodo, these featured snippets have been a hot spot for misleading information for years.

Kyle Barr, reporting for Gizmodo, uses the example of typing in “can I remove a tick with my teeth?” in a Google search. You’ll first see advice from the Centers for Disease Control to “pull upward with steady, even pressure.” However, the CDC is referring to using first aid tools like tweezers rather than your mouth, but the Google snippet doesn’t provide the full context.

Example of Google search results with additional context

To reduce misinformation, Google is launching a new AI model, Multitask Unified Model (MUM). According to their blog, their systems can now understand the notion of consensus — when multiple high-authority sources on the web agree on the same fact. They claim that algorithms can now check words called out above the featured snippet against other high-quality web sources to see if there’s a consensus, even if the sources use different words or concepts to describe the same answer.

A recent survey from Poynter shows that 62% of people believe they encounter misinformation online every week. As Google is the largest online portal for information, these statistics reflect a growing distrust in its results. While it sounds promising, only time will tell if this new AI technology is powerful enough to replace good old-fashioned personal fact-checking or restore faith in the accuracy of information online.

In other news

  • Why Google shut down a critical data center during the recent London heatwave. On July 19, one of Google’s largest data centers in the UK went offline when temperatures topped 104 F. According to TechRadar, the shutdown was a tactical decision following the failure of multiple redundant cooling systems during the record-high heat. The shutdown lasted 18 hours and 23 minutes, affecting many Google services such as Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine, and Persistent Disk. Google is committed to preventing such an incident from ever affecting its services again. This includes repairing and re-testing its failover automation so that it has stronger resilience during times of extreme heat.
  • Gorillas in a US zoo create a new special call for attention. Researchers at the University of Georgia have discovered gorillas at Zoo Atlanta using a new kind of vocalization to get the attention of zookeepers when they’re hungry. According to Gizmodo, the vocalization is a cross between a cough and a sneeze. Researchers have started referring to it as a “snough.” The head of the study, biological anthropologist Roberta Salmi, has studied gorillas in the wild and had not heard such a sound before. Salmi speculates that the gorillas use the snow specifically because it’s a sound related to health, and sounds like coughs and sneezes will always get the attention of a zookeeper. Much like how cats mainly meow to communicate with humans, the gorillas only meow for humans and not with each other.
  • Facebook and Instagram app browsers track users. You’ve probably noticed that if you visit a website via the Facebook or Instagram apps, you’re not redirected to your normal phone browser. Both feature in-app browsers for when users click ads or third-party links. Researcher Felix Krause has discovered that the iOS versions of these apps inject javascript code into each site users visit. This allows the apps to track interactions such as taps, text selections, screenshots, and form inputs like passwords, which puts user security and privacy at risk. Krause advises users only to use external browsers to open in-app links.
  • Amazon expanding palm print payment system. Amazon, which owns the grocery chain Whole Foods, intends to install its “Amazon One” biometric payment system in 65 of its grocery stores in California, as reported by Gizmodo. Amazon One connects a customer’s palm print to their credit card. Before this expansion, the palm print payment system existed only in a handful of Whole Foods and Amazon Go stores (and Amazon Books before they closed). Privacy advocates expressed concern that this technology could soon be used not only as a convenient payment system but could be expanded to workplace identification, concert tickets, and other identification systems. There is no clear understanding of how Amazon would use this data. Because of these concerns, the Colorado concert venue Red Rocks rejected this technology, and Fight for the Future sponsored the website Amazondoesntrock.com to encourage other concert venues to reject it as well.
  • Do spiders dream? New research suggests they might. Scientists at the University of Konstanz in Germany have been researching the sleep behavior of jumping spiders. As reported in Scientific American, behavioral ecologist Daniela C. Rößler discovered that when asleep, these spiders have the same leg twitching and other movements that we see in our pet dogs and cats. The scientists still need to do more tests to confirm that the spiders are actually asleep, but preliminary results suggest that dreaming may be more widespread throughout the animal kingdom. The real question that they won’t be able to answer any time soon is whether spiders dream about squishing people under their own feet.

Tip of the Week

When you’re searching Google, are you making most of your search queries? Here are a few things to try the next time you’re looking up a recipe or historical factoid.

  • Use quotation marks to search a phrase. Although Google often doesn’t require them, for more complex search queries, quotation marks will give you a better, and more specific, result.
  • Use the – (minus) sign to exclude a term from a search. If you want to make low-carb brownies but can’t eat almonds, low carb brownies -almond will return recipes that don’t use almond flour.
  • Search specific sites. Searching security site: Namecheap.com will return all content here on Namecheap that includes “security”. This trick is especially useful for sites that don’t have a search function on the site
  • Ask questions with minimal words. While you can search for what are the closest local restaurants, it’s often easier to search restaurants near me (plus Google will be able to auto-complete more easily). Think of the simplest way to phrase your search, and your conciseness should return better results.
  • Use Google Image Search to find the source (or sources) of images. If you find a photo and want to see where else it was used, upload it (or enter a link) in GIS and see all of the other examples of that image (or similar images) online.

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4 Lessons From Pro Photographers

Ask a professional photographer why they started on this career path and you won’t hear the same answer twice. No two photographers feel the same calling, but there is always one thing in common: no one ever did it for the money.

Photography is an art. It is defined by passion, and it’s a common misconception that passions do not make for realistic careers.

On World Photography Day, Hostinger is celebrating our customers who took matters into their own hands, dared to dream, and proved how to transform passion into profession.

“I had conversations with professionals until I really got to grips with the profession and understood that’s what I wanted for my life.”

🌐 Patricia Devoraes
IG: @patriciadevoraes

Patrícia Devoraes works in stage photography. Her job is to capture the communal energy of a live show and distill that into a single image – it’s no mean feat.

Each day is spent hunting for organic moments in prepared routines and having the patience and intuition to capture their essence. Yet, it wasn’t even until after her second stint at college that Patrícia actually studied photography.

Inspired by conversations with her friends, Patrícia’s talent for communication brought her into a new community of professional artists. Even while learning the ropes, Patrícia understood that publicizing her art among that community was the key to professionalization.

A photography of Iza, a Brazilian singer, by Patrícia Devoraes.

She created a website with Hostinger and started building a portfolio. Grouping and sharing event photography hosted on a professional website paid off, and Patrícia soon found herself immersed in a niche community of like-minded professionals.

Each type of photography comes with its own challenges. While Patrícia’s setting changes every single day, her guiding virtues are patience and intuition.

“It’s all about the artist’s vibe on the day, the ambience, and the story they create on stage. Once I have that, I am always searching for emotion.” While those situations can change in the blink of an eye, Patrícia has learned to take her time.

“Be patient because sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes the conditions determine the outcome of the work, but I still know I did my best at that moment. I learn from it, and I plan ahead so that the next time such a thing happens, I know how to find a solution.”

Patrick Silveira – Invest In Your Craft

“I wanted to know how to tell stories with images. I started to pay more attention to style, consistency, and themes.”

🌐 Patrick Silveira
IG: @nurbcollection

Patrick Silveira calls his style “Urban Nature,” an umbrella term for travel, street, architecture, or documentary photography, linked by the idea of ​​capturing and juxtaposing impressions of lifestyle and what it might mean around the world.

Outside of a few teenage classes, Patrick’s eye for a picture is mostly self-taught. The turning point came when he bought his first DSLR camera – one investment led to another. After taking a few courses to understand the technicalities of essentials like studio lighting and color editing, it was clear that this was his path.

While a level of technical knowledge is imperative to becoming a professional, Patrick continues to find inspiration in the basic principle of paying active attention. Learning how to read between the lines and understanding how to evoke those nuances often reveal the core elements of an image that inspires emotion.

A photo by Patrick Silveira.

It’s one thing to take a camera to an interesting place and observe the interactions, but Patrick is a storyteller. His images embody dramatic structure, and nothing drives narrative like conflict. Documentary, war, and portrait photography were early inspirations – timeless vignettes eternalized at shutter speed, capable of epitomizing such vast complexity in fragments of no more than 4×6 inches.

A good enough storyteller only ever needs three things: a subject, a medium, and a setting. Patrick’s stories evoke life, and while social media breeds volume, it sacrifices deeper interest. “Social networks like Instagram rely heavily on constant attention due to algorithms. It’s all very fast, momentary, and is designed around little attention. Websites are slower places where you can write and tell stories. Artists who have the attention to prepare a website demand a different kind of engagement from me. I created my own website with WordPress on Hostinger’s Business Shared Hosting plan. The focus is on the image, and it is designed to be simple and practical.” In his photography, he is clear that it is important to pay attention to his own emotions.

That’s why taking the time to question why something seems curious, feels beautiful, or interesting allows him to act fast in the moment. “Always have a camera on hand. Don’t worry so much about taking a technically perfect photo because the most important thing is to record good stories.”

Pedro Francescon – Take Your Chance

“I only became a photographer 9 months ago, but I’ve always seen my eyes as a camera.”

🌐 Pedro Francescon
IG: @pf.fotographic.official

Pedro Francescon is an inspiration to anyone who has ever wanted to pick up a camera. He takes pictures of “everything.”

A chance encounter with a photographer friend resulted in him buying his first high-quality camera, and he has never looked back. Under no pretenses that he is new to the game, Pedro has dedicated himself to studying photography, but most importantly, to constantly practicing.

He feels that even before he started learning the intricacies of photography, he had always seen the world differently, that he had always noticed things no one else saw. The moment that changed the game was obvious: as soon as he picked up that camera, his instincts became actions, and his actions were impossible to ignore.

Pedro’s path to professionalization is fresh, but his persistence and desire quickly earned him a first paid job photographing a dinner for friends. Start small. Aim big. Or so the adage goes. Yet, dinner with friends turned out to be a surprise wedding, and so, by some chance, a regular student job was transformed into a professional gig.

Clearly, taking scores more photos means more money (a win-win) but as an artist first starting out, it is worth so much more. Photographing a wedding means a larger portfolio. It demands more connections and introductions and is the archetypal foot-in-the-door that every freelancer yearns for.

Yet, it is also an example of the exact serendipity that turns so many creatives away from their calling. Pedro, however, exudes energy and determination. His inspirations range from Bobby Womack, the soul singer, to a fellow and little-known Brazilian photographer, Rafael Fontana.

A shining example of the fact that there is no true path to achieve your goals, Pedro continues to follow self-learning as his guiding principle while often citing 70s and 80s pop music as a core inspiration behind his visual compositions.

A photo by Pedro Francescon.

That same ethos underpins an unusual quality that is reflected in his photography – the lack of ego that is so often built into those behind the camera eye. When you have the know-how, there is a fine line between evoking a feeling in a subject and taking ownership of a feature that was never yours.

Pedro’s photography is steeped in empathy, “the most important lesson I learned is that it’s not about me, it’s not about my photography, it’s not about the photo, it’s about the person.” And that’s part of the reason why he currently chooses to promote his work through his online portfolios, gaining publicity through his website, with a view to one day expanding his business through partnerships.

“My website is synonymous with professionalism, respect, seriousness, and zeal for my client… My website was designed by me… and it is one of the ways I sell my work.” Pedro’s lesson is loud and clear: “What’s most important to me is not the light; it’s the person. Photography can be a healing injection, so I want people to feel happy, fulfilled by their self-esteem, and see that they are living something amazing at that moment.”

Thiago Silva – Own Your Talent

“I couldn’t call myself a photographer just because I had a camera.”

🌐 Thiago Silva
IG: @thiago_silvaphotos

Thiago Silva is a photojournalist with a strong background in fashion photography who is always happy to freelance for a wedding or professional event.

Having completed his studies at the São Paolo College of Advertising, he has worked professionally with NGOs and nonprofits such as Hamburgada do Bem, Mais Amor SP, Bem da Madrugada, Comida Pra Quem Precisa, and more.

His CV speaks for itself, yet the fact that he didn’t pick up a camera until 2018 is enough to plant the seed of uncertainty in his head. “I photographed everything from rehearsals to free events, but I did it without any interest; it was all just for the hobby and the knowledge.”

It’s impossible to pretend to know what is going through another person’s head, but we still know that the feeling of doubting oneself is commonplace. Thiago didn’t find a paid photography gig until 2019, a whole year of working for free to further his passion and expand his knowledge of a very particular and complex craft.

A photo by Thiago Silva.

As an artist, the issue is always to find a sustainable way to make money. Thiago knows that his website is valuable while also being affordable and easy to maintain. “I created my website myself,” Pablo admits, “in difficulty, but I managed.”

“With a website, you have more credibility in the market, and you can genuinely show your portfolio to a global list of clients. Your website is your home, and with analytics, you know who enters it and why.”

As anyone who has ever been paid for their art will know, the feeling is instantly life-affirming and simultaneously promises that it will happen again. Even if you don’t know when that might be, every single artist can learn from Thiago’s words.

“Don’t compare your work with that of another professional. You should always look for new references, but never think that someone else’s work is better than yours. Otherwise, all you’ll get is frustration and not evolution.”

Hostinger is proud to celebrate artists and empower entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and freelancers around the world by making web hosting and website building accessible to all.

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EasyWP performance beats GoDaddy & others again!

For the second year in a row, easywp is in the top tier of wordpress hosting companies, outperforming well-known brands so as dreamhost and godaddy. This award is a true testament to the growth and development of EasyWP as a leading provider of cloud-based hosting solutions.

During a new round of testing piloted by the company Review Signal for their website WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks, EasyWP outperformed Siteground, GoDaddy, Dreamhost, and Pressable, as well as several other familiar web hosts. Several key performance indicators, including load speed, uptime, and SSL encryption strength, were scrutinized during the testing. Compared to over 20 other hosting services priced under $25, EasyWP earned a second Top Tier award in only three years of participation.

These results aren’t surprising, as we perform regular, rigorous tests of our hosting technology, but we certainly love to get awards! And this honor further validates our belief in EasyWP, the first cloud-based hosting platform developed exclusively for WordPress.

EasyWP by Namecheap earns Top Tier award

Review Signal’s research aims to evaluate the performance of optimized and managed WordPress hosting. The two most important KPIs to gauge success are peak performance and reliability.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark test results

Load testing services LoadStorm and K6 are used to determine the performance grades of a hosting service. These tests mimic many users visiting a website and measuring how well the hosting service responds under stressful conditions. Uptime monitoring ensures the servers remain operational for an extended period to ensure consistency. Review Signal also takes care to ensure hosting packages are compared fairly. According to their website,

The hosting packages are as close to default as possible. In some circumstances where turning on performance enhancements is very simple, eg clicking an option to turn on caching, this will be done. These changes must be obvious or communicated clearly in the welcome email so that every user is guaranteed to at least be presented with the option. Otherwise everything is as-IS-IS-IS-IS UPON SIGN UP TO AVOID, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, EXTRA BEEFIT OF COMPANIES KNOWING THERE ARE BEING TESTED.

In the under $25 category, only 12 out of 24 managed WordPress hosting services were ranked Top Tier, including EasyWP. In previous years, a runner-up status of Honorable Mention was awarded to providers who scored well in some areas but not in the Top Tier. This year, however, no company that was tested achieved this status, further highlighting the superior performance of Top Tier honorees.

How was EasyWP tested?

Overall scores on Review Signal are derived primarily from LoadStorm and K6 testing services. While their methodology doesn’t cover all the bases, their website states, “the comparison is designed to be as apples-to-apples as possible.” Therefore, it’s essential to focus on KPIs that are truly measurable.


The LoadStorm performance test uses actual user loads using the standard content creation scripts that WordPress generates and the additional scripts to measure how your website’s server-side performance performs under these loads. This test shows how optimized the WordPress hosting service is in real-world conditions.

loadstorm performance test


The K6 test is used to track cached performance by requesting the homepage repeatedly. This open-source tool is available for everyone from individual web admins to large-scale organizations. Although No One is Awarded A ‘Winner’ Status, It is consident an objective meeting that aids intermediate and advanced wordpress hosting users in making the right choice.

LoadStorm test results

EasyWP excelled during LoadStorm testing, registering top marks in Peak requests per Second, Average Requests per Second, and Peak Response Time. Actual users and traffic are imitated, simulating the browsing and logging-in processes.

Cloudways started to slow down at around 300 VUsers, and DreamHost slowed down at around 450 VUsers. According to the report, GoDaddy handled the test better in 2022 than in previous years, but the wp-login response times were a bit high.

Uptime test results

After analyzing the uptime history of the websites, Review Signal found that, like many other companies, EasyWP has an excellent uptime record. In this category, many of the services performed comparably well.

Nexcess, VaporHost, and WPCycle fell below the 99.9% uptime threshold, but every other company exceeded the 99.9% threshold.

SSL test results

There is no simple way to measure SSL performance, as standards continuously evolve. Having multiple validations performed with different browsers is one way to get at least some idea of ​​a company’s overall SSL standing. EasyWP’s SSL option, however, excelled in this respect, earning the rating of “A+” by the Review Signal experts in their SSL test. Of the 24 contending managed WordPress providers, EasyWP was among only 6 to achieve the rating.

SSL testing results

Cloudways, SiteGround, and Godddy Came in Behind Easywp Again in 2022 with a Ratings, while Inmotion Hosting was given a B for the second conscitive year.


This year, the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award was bestowed on twelve services, including EasyWP by Namecheap. For more information and to read each individual host analysis, you can check out an extensive comparison of all brands included in the testing.

IT’S An Honor for us to be recognized as a top-tier managed wordpress soption provider, as we continuously strive to deliver the possible exchange at an economical price. We constantly test our solotation to ensure it the best possibal Performance, Speed, and Security, and we are proud to have a test of a respectable institute.

We want you to enjoy EasyWP WordPress hosting, and we hope to be your favorite provider for years to come. Even though gold stars from the industry are lovely, your satisfaction matters most. We want you to try our platform for free for 30 days!

Begin your test Drive of easywp today for free on any of our annual plans, and know that we will be here 24/7 for your inquiries and feedback.

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