Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 is HERE!

Our soccer-themed Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Sale kicks off Friday (November 25) and this year, you get extra time (until midnight ET on December 4) as the sale continues right through Cyber ​​Week. Enjoy incredible discounts across our extensive product range in our biggest sale of the year.

The all-important dates

All deals are live for the entire duration of the sale — that’s from the big kick-off at midnight EST on Friday, November 25 through 11:59 PM EST on Monday, December 4, when the full-time whistle will blow.

Deals highlights

In the true spirit of offering customers the chance to make more online, for lessthere are so many deals in our Black Friday soccer spectacular celebration this year, so you’ll have to check out the sale (bookmark the page now) on the opening day to see them all, but here are the top percentage discounts for each of our main product groups:

  • Domain registrations — Up to 97% off
  • Domain transfers — Up to 50% off
  • Stellar Shared Hosting — Up to 76% off
  • EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting — Up to 70% off annual plans (plus free trial on monthly plans)
  • VPS Hosting — Up to 51% off
  • Private Email — Up to 57% off
  • SSL Certificates — Up to 35% off
  • FastVPN — Up to 74% off
  • PremiumDNS — Up to 41% off
  • Business Toolkit (discover below) — Up to 65% off
  • Visual — Up to 65% off

If you’ve been a fan of our sales over the past year, you’ll have noticed the gradual introduction of a brand-new series of products designed to help you build and grow your business. How? By using easy-to-use DIY tools that help you bring more in-house, for less. We’ve grouped these products into a Business Toolkit which is growing all the time.

  • Relate — This set of products is designed to allow you to easily manage social media, reviews, and even register your business as a legal entity.
  • Cyber ​​insurance — Cyber ​​Insurance (in partnership with Coalition) covers your business against cybercrime, and includes a set of helpful security tools as well. (Currently for US customers only).
  • Visual — You’re probably already familiar with our awesome Visual products that allow you to make logos, graphics for social media, and more. There’s a combination of free or low-cost (depending on the plan you choose).
Hedgehog excited about Cyber ​​Monday specials

Checking out with the deals

Some products require a promo code to be applied before the promotional discount price will work. Only one promo code can be applied per checkout, so you may need to divide your purchases into multiple transactions. Also, some products are limited to a certain number per business/household.

  • Domain registrations — BFCMTLD22 for up to 5 TLDs in total. Mix-and-match.
  • Domain transfers — BFCMTR22 for up to 10 TLDs in total. Mix-and-match.
  • Shared Hosting — BFCMSHARED22 for up to 10 plans in total. Mix-and-match.
  • VPS Hosting — BFCMVPS22, for up to 5 subscriptions.
  • Professional Email — BFCMEMAIL22, no limits.
  • SSL Certificates — BFCMSSL22, no limits (but can only be used once).

For all other products, discounts will be applied automatically. Limits and restrictions can be found in our Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday terms and conditions.

Explore the sale

Check out the sale page now, and see what you can save!

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How Migrating 60+ Sites to Hostinger Saved Its Time and Money

Managing multiple websites across different hosting providers was exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming for David. To solve this problem, he decided to look for a user-friendly web host to move all of his clients’ sites to. Discover how migrating to Hostinger has made David’s job more efficient.


David Shaw is a web developer at Creative Graphics UK, a digital printing house-turned-marketing agency that has been around for over 25 years. The company provides web development services for more than 60 clients, all of whom host their sites with Hostinger.

The agency’s projects range from a simple business site to a large eCommerce store.


When David first joined Creative Graphics UK, he found a major problem with how the clients’ websites were hosted.

“It was a bit of a mess. The websites that we had for various clients were split out over a few different servers and hosting providers. So when I took over, my first job was to get all of the sites into one place for my own sanity and to consolidate them all.”

From there, he began searching for the best web hosting provider to host all of the clients’ websites. The most important factor was user-friendliness.

Before becoming a web developer, David was a graphic designer for 10 years. While he had some basic knowledge, he mostly learned how to build and manage websites in his new job. As a newcomer in the field, he preferred a hosting platform that was easy to use.

While most hosting companies today use cPanel, David found it difficult to navigate.

He also looked for web hosts with responsive customer support so that he could solve errors in his clients’ websites faster.

“One of the providers I used previously was horrible. There was no live chat, and you have to log a ticket every time you have a question. Then, you have to wait several days for a reply via email.”


To resolve the problem, David decided to try all of the different hosting providers the company was using.

Hostinger was one of them. After comparing the different control panels, he found hPanel to be the simplest to use.

“I had a look at all of the platforms. Some were on cPanel, but when I looked at Hostinger’s hPanel, I realized it was going to be the easiest to manage. Many developers may prefer other options, but for me personally, I like hPanel.”

Because of this, he purchased Hostinger’s Cloud Professional plan and moved all of the websites there. The process was quick and easy.

David Shaw of Creative Graphics UK shares his positive migration experience to Hostinger's services

He also found our Customer Success agents to answer quickly and go the extra mile.

“Hostinger’s Customer Success team has been awesome. They’ve answered questions like, ‘Why isn’t this website working?’ or ‘Why is this happening?’ It doesn’t have anything to do with your service and more to do with my lack of knowledge. But the agents are always happy to point out where things have gone wrong. When I’m really stuck, and I’ve got no one else to ask, they’re always there,” he shared.

Furthermore, Hostinger clients can visit the knowledge base and tutorials to find information about our services and website-building. We also have Hostinger Academy, where our instructors teach you all about managing your site and scaling your online business.

When it comes to additional tools, the WordPress Staging Tool is a go-to feature for David. In one click, it will generate a replica of your website to test out new customizations or check for bugs before pushing the changes to the live site.

David Shaw of Creative Graphics UK shares his positive testimonial on using Hostinger's WordPress Staging Tool

Finally, Hostinger’s value for money has allowed Creative Graphics UK to offer high-quality web development services at a reasonable price.

While other agencies charge £60 that £70/month for hosting, Creative Graphics UK strives to be fair and ensure clients can get a well-designed and optimized website without having to spend a fortune.

“We have a lot of regular clients. If one company comes to us for a printing job, they’ll usually end up asking about web development, graphic design, or social media management. So they usually stick with us because we offer quite a lot of services. And almost all of our biggest clients have websites with us.”

With hosting taken care of, David can focus on other goals, such as website optimization.

“I think the best website I’ve built is, which measured 100 on Page Speed ​​Insights. I was really chuffed when that happened, and now I’m trying to make every client website score 100 as well. We can refresh them, make them faster, and improve their SEO.”


“I’m happy with my decision to migrate to Hostinger, so we’re not looking to move anywhere else,” David summed up. In fact, he recently purchased a VPS plan to build a Magento website for a client.

During the pandemic, many people decided to take their business online. This trend enabled Creative Graphics UK to grow its clientele.

“We define our success in growth and longevity. We’ve been here a long time, and while many agencies come and go, we’ve stood the test of time. If our client base keeps getting bigger, I will need someone to assist me. So that’s a positive.”

Thanks to our hPanel, hosting has become much easier to manage for David. We’re excited to see where Creative Graphics UK is heading in the future.

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WordPress 6.1.1 Maintenance Release and Bug Fixes

The WordPress core team released the first update just a few weeks after launching WordPress 6.1. You may wonder why there have been two updates in such a short time interval.

It’s simple – WordPress 6.1.1 is a maintenance release that fixes 29 core and 21 block editor bugs, making a more comprehensive update than some of the recent minor WordPress releases.

Let’s take a look at what improvements WordPress 6.1.1 brings to the table.

Core Bug Fixes

The 29 WordPress core bug fixes cover various aspects of the content management system (CMS), including the site editor, themes, and installation. You can find the complete list of fixes and improvements in this WordPress Core Trac query. In this section, we’ll highlight three of the most important core improvements.

Fatal Error When Updating to WordPress 6.1

When updating WordPress 6.1, users could run into a fatal error if the website had an older version of the Gutenberg plugin installed and activated. This was due to incompatibility with Gutenberg plugin versions lower than 14.1.

The error prevented site owners from accessing both the front-end and back-end of a site. The only solution involved manually deleting or updating Gutenberg via FTP or the hosting’s file manager.

The WordPress core team has fixed the bug by adding a function to the update-core.php file that force-deactivates the Gutenberg plugin if it’s older than version 14.1.

Although 6.1.1 solves the issue, we strongly recommend updating all plugins to the latest version if you haven’t done so already.

.maintenance File Remains After Plugin Updates

Whenever you update WordPress, the system creates a .maintenance file to put your site into maintenance mode. After the system completes the update, it should delete the file automatically, allowing the site to work again.

In some cases, however, the .maintenance file would remain after users completed plugin updates in WordPress 6.1. This caused the website to get stuck in maintenance mode, and the only way to fix it was to remove the file manually via FTP or a file manager.

The developers have reversed the related Filesystem components to the previous state to fix this issue. Now, users should be able to update plugins in WordPress 6.1.1 without becoming stuck in maintenance mode.

Performance Improvements

WordPress 6.1.1 contains solutions to performance issues raised on two Trac tickets.

The first one is related to the wp_get_theme function. This function creates an instance of the WP_Theme class. However, doing so consumes resources, and in many cases, the class is not necessary as only one class property is required.

WordPress 6.1.1 replaces the function wp_get_theme()->get_stylesheet(); with get_stylesheet(); to improve performance and reduce CPU usage.

Another improvement targets get_default_block_editor_settings()which contains the wp_max_upload_size() function. The system only uses this function if a user can upload files. It still takes up a lot of resources, especially on large sites or multisite environments.

Therefore, the developers have added a condition to it wp_max_upload_size() so that it’s only called if the user can upload_filessaving resources and cutting down on load times.

Block Editor Updates

As the block editor is now an integral part of the WordPress core, every WordPress release usually incorporates a few of its updates. WordPress 6.1.1 is no exception, with over 20 block editor bug fixes merged with the WP core. Here are some of the highlighted improvements.

Apply Borders and Padding for the Table Block

There used to be a table block inconsistency between the site editor and the front-end of the site – when a user added a table block, it would have a border on the site editor that wouldn’t appear on the front-end.

A Gutenberg pull request has solved this issue by applying the table border to the front-end by default. Also, you’ll be able to see any site editor table border customizations on the front-end. The border has a default padding of 0.5 em for all table cells.

A table block with the default border on the front-end of the post

Restore Paragraph Inserter

WordPress 6.1 removed the block inserter for empty paragraph blocks. As it turns out, many people rely on that piece of UI to add other blocks, so WordPress 6.1.1 has restored it.

An empty paragraph block with the highlighted block inserter

That said, you can add another block to replace the empty paragraph block by typing /, followed by the block’s name. For example, if you want to add an image block instead of that empty paragraph block, type /image, and you’ll see the image block option.

Inserting an image block by typing image in the paragraph block

Font Size Constraints for Fluid Typography

Fluid typography is a new feature in WordPress 6.1 that automatically adjusts the font size depending on the viewport. Users can enable fluid typography and define the minimum and maximum font sizes in the theme.json file.

However, this feature lacks a font size constraint, and there’s no minimum font size. This way, users or theme developers may define the wrong value for the minimum font size in the theme.json file by mistake and damage readability.

WordPress 6.1.1 adds the font size constraints of 14 px or 0.875 rem or 0.875 em. Because of this, the text on the front-end won’t get too small even if the minimum font size in the theme.json file is defined to be lower.

Update Your WordPress Now

WordPress 6.1.1 brings a number of bug fixes. Some of them are related to fatal errors, so we highly recommend updating your WordPress website as soon as possible to prevent such bugs.

There are several methods of updating WordPress: you can do it from the WordPress dashboard, via hPanel, or using WP-CLI. Hostinger Tutorials features a comprehensive guide on how to update WordPress in case you need help.

However, if you’ve enabled automatic updates for minor releases using hPanel’s auto-installer, your WordPress site should be updated automatically.

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