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10 Features for a Seamless Online Journey

Website owners are constantly on the hunt for the best ways to boost their user experience and, of course, build success online.

At Hostinger, learning about our customers and giving them exactly what they need is our mission. Whether through client reviews or the customer interview initiative, we always look for ways to improve our services.

Based on user feedback, we’ve launched several new features and products in 2022. Whether you’re an aspiring website owner or a seasoned online hustler, they will help you stay ahead of the game.

Top 10 Product Highlights of the Year

From a website builder to advanced security measures, explore our top releases and updates in 2022.

1. Hostinger Website Builder

The Landing page of Hostinger Website Builder

Whether creating a blog, online portfolio, or business site, Hostinger Website Builder offers a one-stop solution for your virtual needs.

For example, it’s got everything you need to build a profitable eCommerce store. With its quick setup, inventory management, and various payment options, selling products online has never been easier.

You don’t need coding or design skills to get started – our website builder’s friendly user interface, drag-and-drop editor, and rich library of designer-made templates simplify the website creation process.

Whichever type of site you’re planning to make, crafting high-quality content is a must. If you struggle with words, the ever-reliable AI Writer tool generates unique copy for your website.

There is also an AI Heatmap tool showing which areas of your pages resonate with visitors the most, helping you improve user experience.

2. AI Logo Maker

The Landing page of Hostinger's AI Logo Maker

A well-designed logo is crucial for your online success. It instantly catches the audience’s attention, helping your brand become more memorable.

By using Hostinger’s free AI Logo Maker, you can save thousands of dollars on professional design services. Simply enter your brand name, add a few details, and the tool will provide you with plenty of customizable logo templates.

Alternatively, use our AI Logo Generator to create a unique symbol in three easy steps – pick a starter logo, choose a suitable color, and select your desired shape.

3. Automated Malware Scanner

The Malware Scanner feature on hPanel

Hackers use malware for various purposes, such as making a site unresponsive, stealing user data, or redirecting a domain address to illegal websites.

To prevent this, we have integrated Hostinger’s Malware Scanner into hPanel. It will automatically scan and remove malicious files, keeping your website secure.

4. Industry-Standard WordPress Staging Environment

The WordPress Staging feature on hPanel

When modifying a WordPress site, it’s important to test everything before going live. Failing to do so can lead to site crashes and data loss.

That’s where the WordPress staging feature comes in – it offers a safe environment for functionality testing and bug discovery. If an error occurs, your live website will not be affected.

For David Shaw, a senior web designer at Creative Graphics UK, the WordPress staging tool is indispensable.

“The WordPress staging tool is a game-changer. Before this, I used to manually download and upload website files via FTP, which took a lot of time. Now, I’m able to click on the staging tool to create a copy of the site and make another click to publish the changes. That has really sped up the process,” he shared.

This feature is available with our Business, Cloud, WordPress Business, and WordPress Pro hosting plans.

5. Automatic WHOIS Privacy Protection

hPanel with the WHOIS Privacy tool highlighted

When registering a domain name, your personal information is made publicly available in the WHOIS database. This might result in unwanted spam emails, sales calls, or, even worse, cyber attacks.

At Hostinger, every domain purchase comes with free WHOIS privacy protection, keeping your sensitive data hidden from the public eye. You don’t have to set up anything, as the feature automatically applies to all users.

However, note that some domain extensions do not support WHOIS protection due to restrictions placed by their registry. For the complete list, check out our WHOIS privacy protection article.

6. New File Manager

The Interface of the new File Manager

For beginners, organizing website files can be frustrating and often time-consuming. To make everyone’s lives easier, we’ve released an updated version of File Manager.

According to Shreyash Pandey, the CEO of Ethereal Corporate Network, the new File Manager is “quite faster and easier compared to the previous one.”

Accessible through hPanel, this tool allows you to create, import, edit, move, and delete documents with ease. It also informs you which files are taking up space and causing poor website performance.

7. Automated WordPress Migration

The Website Migration feature on hPanel

If you want to migrate your existing website to Hostinger, the process is extremely straightforward. Simply access hPanel and provide your WordPress admin URL, login credentials, and previous web host.

After that, submit the request, and our team will take care of the rest. Note that transferring your website to Hostinger can take up to two business days.

Here’s what one Trustpilot reviewer had to say about their migration experience:

Trustpilot review by Eddie Erskine-Ashun about their positive migration experience at Hostinger

8. Vulnerable Plugin Detector

The Installed Plugins section on hPanel

With its reputation as the most popular content management system (CMS), you’d probably think that all the plugins in the WordPress directory are safe. The truth is some plugins – the outdated ones in particular – are vulnerable to security threats.

Security is our top priority. We’ve partnered with Patchstack to offer the Vulnerable Plugin Detector. It regularly checks your installed plugins and looks for WordPress security loopholes. Once an issue has been discovered, you can update, deactivate, or remove the unsecured plugin directly via hPanel.

9. Advanced Spam & Virus Protection

In addition to other security measures, our premium hosting plans are equipped with advanced spam and virus protection to ensure a safe online environment.

Powered by machine learning and real-time data updates, it protects you against 99.9% of threats other antivirus software can’t detect, including spam, viruses, phishing, malware, and other forms of cyber attacks.

Chris W. Balmer of CWB Consultancy has experienced the benefits firsthand. “After migrating to Hostinger, some of my clients even said they’ve seen at least a 50% reduction in their spam emails.”

10. Plan Boost

The Order Usage section on hPanel

Do you want to get your hands on a higher-tier plan before buying it? We’ve got you covered. The new Plan Boost feature improves your hosting resources for a full day, allowing your website to better handle marketing campaigns and traffic spikes.

And if you like the real-time demonstration, you can upgrade your hosting plan directly via hPanel.

Start Your Online Journey With Hostinger Today

With these updates, our clients can have a faster and more secure website – key elements of an excellent user experience. For a full list of product updates and upcoming releases for 2023, the Hostinger Roadmap provides all the information you’re looking for.

Sign up for a hosting plan today and give these new features a try. If you have already, share your thoughts in the comments section below on what you like and what we should improve in the next year.

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Truoba Takes Lithuanian Heritage Worldwide

Ignas Stancikas is a Lithuanian architect making waves in the USA and beyond with his bespoke architectural service, Truoba.

Truoba focuses on designing custom homes grounded in Ignas’ vision of presenting traditional Lithuanian design concepts for a contemporary market. Customers choose a predesigned house plan from Truoba’s website and can then customize it.

The concept was born during Ignas’ time studying architecture in Glasgow, Scotland. “Alongside studying, I wanted to develop my portfolio. That said, I wanted my concepts to be built, not just drawn up.” So Ignas spent his summer holidays in his native Lithuania, working on small architectural designs and offering them to local real estate agents, home developers, and builders.

Taking From Tradition

A Truoba-built house in South Carolina.

Ignas began designing in Lithuania, a relatively small market with the construction industry routinely keeping with the status quo. During this time, he researched and analyzed homes built in the USA, which led to him founding Truoba there.

In Lithuanian, Truoba means a traditional Lithuanian house. This design will slowly become extinct over the next thirty years as such homes are demolished and replaced by new buildings. Truoba’s goal is to preserve traditional Lithuanian housing by translating the design to meet current living needs.

“Lithuanian housing is distinctive because the homes are decorated with traditional Lithuanian patterns – you can find them on buildings as well as folk costumes. We believe the modern minimalistic style has become too empty and dull. Modernism, in some cases, lacks detail. So Truoba designs modern houses that are more detailed in a distinctive way – the same way a traditional Lithuanian house would feature folk geometry as decoration.”

A Move in the Market

Moving to the American market meant shifting perspectives in both the construction and website industries. The designs of houses built today in the USA are the same as 100 years ago, based on architectural styles such as Colonial, Craftsman, Cottage, and Mid-century modern.

Architects design only 2% of new houses. General contractors take care of the rest. Their portfolios usually contain 15-20 homes that they keep building over and over throughout the years. Truoba offers a different foot forward.

“There is a large niche once you understand how the construction industry works in the USA. In 2019, 800,000 homes were built here. I spent a lot of time analyzing houses built in the US.” Over three months, Ignas traveled across 17 states by car, visiting suburbs in each city and town to identify the ways in which he could improve the market.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Truoba’s strength lies in its website design. It provides the customer with a vision before they commit to the purchase. This online interaction lets customers be creative and eliminates the disconnect between their desired project and the end result, an issue that is common when working with local architects.

“We do what we do because we simply want to make people’s lives better. We do so by offering good designs and functional houses that can be built without wasting too many materials on unnecessary features. Shelter is a basic human need, and everyone needs to have a home.

“Life can improve depending on the living environment. For example, your mood may improve just by having a higher ceiling with upper windows from all sides that could capture the sun from different directions throughout the day. Architecture has a great power to shape our quality of life, and that drives us towards better results.

“The most exciting project is always the next one. My heart belongs to the project that I work on at a given time. I love coming up with a house design that people would like and decide to build.”

Creativity Online

A Truoba design for a house.

Truoba’s current website – Ignas developed it himself – is an extension of its original format built on WordPress. It was initially hosted by a different provider, but Ignas is happy that he made the switch to Hostinger: “I’m not an IT guy. Having been with Hostinger for around three years, I am relieved that I have everything from a strong website design, an intuitive hosting interface, great servers based in America, and beyond brilliant customer support that cares.”

Truoba’s website is more than just a service that lets clients play around with the design of their buildings. It is essential to the business’s branding, too. For example, when Ignas found out that the pronunciation of Truoba was interpreted differently depending on the geographical location, properly-applied SEO techniques made the brand globally recognizable online.

“The name ‘Truoba’ will bring difficulties for people who speak other languages. But this is a case when a business has to follow the main vision. The mispronunciation issue can be solved by SEO as our business can be found online on search engines such as Google. Whether they pronounce it ‘Truba,’ ‘Trouba,’ or ‘Troba,’ with the help of SEO, people can still find the website. ”

Dreaming Up Reality

Truoba’s success is measured by the number of happy families they’ve helped build their dream homes. “Clients send us emails and photos of the built houses, and it is heartwarming to hear all the good things they mention about living in them. For many, these homes are something they’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Great outcomes and emotions are the biggest driving force to keep improving our skills.”

Looking back on the formative years of Truoba, Ignas ponders over the highs and lows of following your dreams. “If you want to start a business just to make money, don’t start. Most businesses don’t turn a profit for some time – this could be half a year or more. So find a purpose for yourself and your business. A vision of how you could help others, improve on existing things, or do the same old in a new way will help you overcome any hardships.”

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7 reasons your WordPress site should be multilingual

One of the best ways to open up your business to reach international audiences is to have a multilingual WordPress website.

Think about it.

As we all know, English is not a universal language. The majority of the world’s population is from non-English speaking countries. In fact, only about 25.9% of Internet users are native English speakers.

So if you want to quickly improve your customer experience and increase your market share globally, make your website multilingual. Your customers will pay more attention to your brand when you speak their language. According to research, about 76% of online shoppers prefer to purchase from brands with information in their native language — 40% will not even consider buying if the language is foreign to them.

Therefore, a multi-language website can transform your business and be the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. This article will explain seven reasons your WordPress site should be multilingual.

Multilingual WordPress expands your potential market

Globalization and cross-border e-commerce are expanding very quickly. By the end of 2021, the international e-commerce market was valued at $719.02 billion, and it is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.8% from 2022 to 2030.

So as an online business, you need to take advantage of this to win a piece of the pie. And being able to communicate with people from other parts of the world is a vital part of this process.

Including different language options on your site can open up your business to new customers that were not reached before, potentially increasing your sales and revenue.

Also, remember that a multilingual website is not only necessary when reaching a market outside of your country. Many languages ​​can be spoken within the same country too. For example, Spanish is the second most popular language in the US. To reach and communicate efficiently with this group of people, you should have a Spanish option on your website.

Reduces the bounce rate

Consider this: you’re looking for a kitchen appliance for your townhouse and are very specific about what you want. You search for the appliance online, and the first result is a Spanish website with a detailed product description in Spanish. But you don’t understand Spanish. What do you do? Close the site and bounce to the next search result, right?

Online shoppers will spend the most time on a website in a language they understand. Before clicking the “Buy” button, customers need to feel that they have understood what they have read and all the steps in the buying process.

Having a multi-language website means that foreign online shoppers visiting your site are less likely to leave immediately if they don’t understand the language. Consequently, the reduction in bounce rates can increase your conversions significantly.

magnifying glass inspecting SEO rankings for international sites

Better for international SEO rankings

E-commerce has quickly become an indispensable part of the retail market. Today, consumers will first search online for goods and services that they need before they consider visiting businesses in person. As a result, everyone is competing to be the first option that the customer sees when they search online.

So, the success of your business in both local and international markets depends on your rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The higher you rank, the more traffic you get and the higher the conversions.

A multilingual website offers the opportunity to rank highly locally and internationally. Search engines love multilingual pages because they see them as independent and thus automatically give them additional rankings.

To increase your chances of ranking high for all the languages ​​on your website, you must translate 100% of the content, including the metadata. It would help if you also had a unique URL for each page with a language-specific subdomain or subdirectory. This will make it easy for search engine bots to scan and rank your content in specific languages.

It makes marketing cost-effective

For most businesses, a website is the focal point of all their marketing efforts — and for a good reason. A website is the most cost-effective way of marketing, both in terms of market reach and cost. And there are numbers to support this theory. According to research, a website-centered marketing strategy costs at least 62% less than other traditional marketing methods. Even better, it brings in about three times more business leads.

Hence, a multilingual website offers a cost-effective and reliable way of communicating and engaging with customers who speak different languages. If you translate your content to reach different regions, making your product or services available to more people worldwide, you are increasing both your customer base and revenue.

Builds brand recognition and trust

Consumers buy more from brands that they trust. And in this day and age, brand recognition and trust are built from general customer engagement.

A multi-language website expands your business’ playing field and allows more people worldwide to engage with your content. Once people can communicate and understand what you offer, they will start associating your brand with certain needs and wants. They will start to seek out your brand for solutions to their problems, which will gain you recognition and trust, and set you apart from the competition.

Additionally, if customers understand and connect with your content, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family. This means that you will have repeat business and new business from referrals.

A multilingual website also helps build your brand’s credibility. People worldwide will begin to trust that your business is an expert in what it offers. People who speak different languages ​​will feel like you understand them and their culture and will more likely buy from you.

Ensures uniformity

Gone are the days when people thought the best way to reach international markets was to have an army of websites in different languages. Today, all you need to do is to set up a multilingual website. This allows your site to have the same external effect on consumers worldwide, allowing you to maintain your brand’s identity. One multilingual website ensures that the design and all the processes remain the same regardless of the language chosen.

But this doesn’t mean you should have different content for different languages. WordPress allows you to customize each language to match the needs of each consumer subset. For instance, you can have separate purchase and invoicing processes for each language.

Both CMS WordPress and WordPress online shop systems are highly suited to creating whichever type of multilingual site you need for your business.

In most instances, you can create a multi-language website easily without changing the template’s design. You only need to create a single language website, add the TranslatePress plugin, and choose the languages ​​you want to include on your site.

Creates a competitive advantage

In online selling, everyone wants to win. And to succeed in online marketing in these economically precarious times, you need to differentiate yourself so that a customer will choose you over the competitor.

As mentioned, a customer is much more likely to purchase from a website in their native language, so having multiple languages ​​on your website gives you an edge against the competition.

For example, let’s say that a foreign customer is looking for information on how to build credit without a credit card. If you have a page explaining the different ways people can build credit in their language, this customer is more likely to trust your brand than if the article was written in English.

Make multilingual sites a priority

When it comes to user experience, ensuring your WordPress site is multilingual is widely overlooked. But as you can see from what we’ve discussed, there are many benefits associated with multilingual websites.

Whatever reason inspires you the most, it’s time to take your website and company to the next level. Making your WordPress website multilingual is simple, cost-effective, and can transform your business.

For your next WordPress site, make more online for less — choose managed WordPress hosting from EasyWP.

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