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cPanel license price updates – Namecheap Blog

You may be aware that cPanel adjusts its prices every year, and this includes standardized pricing changes to its licenses for all partners, distributors, and cPanel store customers. It follows that price increases impact hosting providers like Namecheap, and we also need to adjust our pricing accordingly.

Since cPanel now charges separately for cPanel accounts, customers get billed under a tiered-pricing structure (more on that below). At Namecheap, we understand how the new pricing may impact your business, so we’ve done everything possible to minimize the price increase for your hosting plan with us.

Since these changes will affect Namecheap Hosting customers with cPanel accounts, here’s a quick rundown on what to expect.

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Shared and Reseller Hosting

Our Shared and Reseller Hosting plans are not affected by the cPanel price changes. Although cPanel price increases also impact these hosting plans, we allow our customers to maintain their current pricing.

VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

Currently, our VPS and Dedicated Server customers pay an additional fee for each cPanel account they have. We will change the prices for our cPanel tiers in December 2022.

As you will notice in the following tables, the pricing for Solo, cPanel’s lowest tier, is not affected by the changes. So if you are looking to make savings and you don’t have the need for multiple accounts, Solo is the one to go for.


Tier cPanel Account Limit Old Price New Price
Solo 1 account $9.88/month $9.88/month
Tier 1 up to 5 accounts $13.88/month $14.88/month
Tier 2 up to 30 accounts $18.88/month $20.88/month
Tier 3 up to 100 accounts $35.88/month $39.88/month

Dedicated Servers:

Tier cPanel Account Limit Old Price New Price
Solo 1 account $14.88/month $14.88/month
Tier 1 up to 100 accounts $35.88/month $39.88/month
Tier 2 up to 150 accounts $45.88/month $49.88/month
Tier 3 up to 200 accounts $55.88/month $61.88/month
Tier 4 up to 250 accounts $64.88/month $71.88/month

If you’re a Namecheap VPS or Dedicated Hosting customer, now’s your chance to check out InterWorx, the alternative control panel to cPanel. Unlike cPanel, InterWorx does not have any account limits. Prices are fixed at $12.00 per month for VPS customers and $18.00 per month for Dedicated Server customers.

We’re here for you

Rest assured that we’ve done everything to make this new cPanel pricing transition as smooth as possible for our customers. Those affected by the increase in prices will receive an email notification from us with detailed information on their hosting plan. We believe this allows complete transparency in what you can expect to pay per month and avoids any confusion.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars — these pricing changes are set to go into effect for Namecheap customers at the end of December 2022.

If you need additional cPanel accounts in the future or find that you are not making use of your existing accounts, we make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your license. We can also help with the downgrade of your Reseller Hosting account if needed.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact our 24/7 Help Center.

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