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Reimagine your business to sell experiences

It’s not enough for businesses to offer quality products or services. You need to go above and beyond and provide your target customers with memorable, engaging, emotionally resonant experiences. Indeed, so-called experiential selling is more vital than ever, especially in crowded or competitive niches.

But just what is experiential selling, and how can you reinvent your business plan to prioritize it? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Experiential selling explained

In a nutshell, experiential selling means creating an environment where customers can interact and engage with your products and services in enjoyable, informative, and memorable ways. In other words, it’s about selling your business’s wares by virtue of the experiences they’ll provide customers instead of other aspects.

Let’s say that you sell fitness apparel for workout enthusiasts. Instead of highlighting the raw practical value of the apparel — such as the materials, the durability, etc. — you could instead prioritize the experiences that your customers will have once they wear your fitness apparel.

You might craft ads or marketing materials highlighting:

  • How good the fitness apparel looks
  • How well the apparel feels on the skin
  • How the fitness apparel wicks away sweat and excess moisture to provide better exercise experiences

By highlighting the experiences your customers can expect, they’ll be more inclined to give your products a try. More than that, your brand will feel different and unique compared to its competitors.

Why prioritize experiences for customers?

There are numerous benefits to highlighting experiences and practicing experiential selling, including:

  • Higher sales over time. Many companies that adopt experiential selling and prioritize experiences in their business plans grow faster than their rivals. That’s because customers who have positive experiences — both before and after sales — are more likely to make initial and repeat purchases over the long term.
  • Boosted customer loyalty via higher engagement. Getting the same core group of customers to come back again and again and make repeat purchases is vital for long-term profits and revenue stability. By highlighting experiences over items, your customers will feel more loyal to your brand and repeatedly return for more.
  • Effective word-of-mouth marketing. When a customer has a positive experience at your business, they have an emotional reaction. That emotional reaction will likely compel them to tell their friends, family members, and coworkers about your brand. In other words, highlighting experiences for your customers could help you market more cost-effectively than ever before.

Developing a plan for prioritizing customer experiences is important, especially in an area where consumer optimism, in general, has been plummeting in the face of inflation and soaring prices. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the retail sales index (which includes both in-store and online sales) has fallen by 9.5% over the last two years and is continuing its downward trend. In the United States, retail sales recently saw their biggest drop in over a year.

Customers are simply being forced to be more careful about their spending than in previous years because inflation has reduced the value of their disposable capital. But focusing on experiences where customers can engage with your product before buying is one of the best strategies for proving to them that your product is even worth spending their hard-earned money on in the first place.

So, how can you refocus your business plan to focus more on customer experiences? Let’s dive into this next.

Hedgehog reviewing aspects of business plan

How to refocus your business plan

Fortunately, you don’t have to completely tear your business plan out of the ground or redo your marketing materials. To refocus your business plan on experiences, you must practice three key strategies and approaches.

Gather customer data

First and foremost, you’ll want to gather extensive customer data on your target audience members. By gathering as much data as possible, you’ll better understand what your customers are looking for in terms of experiences and emotional satisfaction.

For example, if you determine that your customers don’t care so much about price as they do about social points or great experiences from products, you may learn things like:

  • You can improve the quality of your products and raise the prices of those products slightly while still keeping your customer base.
  • You should tweak your marketing campaign to highlight the positive experiences that buyers receive when they buy your products.

More than anything, gathering more customer data will help you better get into the minds of those core consumers whom you need to attract. You can gather customer data by purchasing it from third-party firms or by gathering it from customers who already shop at your store. No matter where you get it, be sure to analyze it thoroughly.

Double down on personalization

Personalization is an important element in modern marketing, and there’s a good reason for that: people care about it.

Personalization is the art (and science) of showing your target consumers that you think of them as more than “standard” customers. Instead, you show them that you care about them as people, highlighting their unique wants, needs, and problems.

There are lots of different ways in which you can double down on personalization, such as:

  • Referring to a customer by their first name, which you can get from previous purchases or email newsletters.
  • Providing customers with personalized product recommendations based on previous purchase history or stated requirements/wants.
  • Giving customers personalized discounts and perks. This is often best implemented through a loyalty program. It can do wonders to improve satisfaction and experience positivity among your most loyal, repeat customers.

By practicing these strategies, each customer who interacts with your brand will walk away thinking that they had a good experience with your business. They’ll feel seen, heard, and tailored, which will make them more likely to come back or make an initial purchase.

Sell ​​experiences to target consumers

Most importantly, try to sell customer experiences through your marketing materials and ad copy. More than anything else, this will help you focus on experiential selling and maximize the value of the experience in your overall business plan.

For example, draw up some new advertisement materials that highlight the experiences or positive emotional reactions that customers feel when they buy your products. Once you have those ads ready, put them on your digital ad platforms, social media, Google, or elsewhere, and see how they perform.

Measure the ads’ performances and:

  • Implement the highest-performing ads elsewhere.
  • Take lessons from the advertisements so you can leverage those same ideas in future marketing materials.

By selling experiences to your customers, they’ll know right from the get-go that you offer something unique and novel compared to your competitors. You don’t just sell the same products that other businesses in your industry produce; you provide worthwhile experiences that are memorable and emotionally interesting. That’s an invaluable benefit in a competitive market environment.

It may be worthwhile to review your overall business plan and customer journey maps. Ask yourself whether an experience is the focus of each stage of a prospective customer’s journey. If it’s not, consider taking steps like:

  • Redesigning your website so it’s more navigable
  • Choosing a new domain name so it is memorable and interesting to customers (giving them a positive experience from the get-go)
  • Offering stellar customer service and revamping your customer service team to provide good support to customers who have already purchased products

Are you ready to give your business a boost?

Ultimately, by prioritizing experiential selling, your business will enjoy better customer loyalty, acquire new customers faster than ever, and build a stronger reputation than before. Implementing the above strategies into your business plan will do wonders to help you focus on experiences and reap the rewards.

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Speed Up Your Website by 40% With Hostinger CDN – Now Out of Beta

Ask any website owner, and they’ll agree – the speed and performance of your website play a vital role in achieving online success. Slow-loading websites not only frustrate visitors but also result in abandoned carts, fewer sales, and an increased bounce rate, hindering your search engine rankings and overall growth.

To help you deliver the best possible user experience, Hostinger is thrilled to announce that our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is now out of beta, ready to revolutionize your website’s performance. Extensive testing of over 10,000 websites has revealed that Hostinger CDN can enhance website performance by up to 40%. And the best part? Enabling this feature requires no development or configuration efforts on your part.

An In-Depth Look at the Testing Results

Our in-house team of experts ran over 42,000 tests on more than 10,500 websites to gain accurate insights into how our CDN affects site performance. And the results are nothing short of impressive. Websites utilizing Hostinger CDN showcased significant improvements across various performance metrics, optimizing website load times and elevating the overall user experience.

The most notable improvement was observed in the Speed ​​Index metric, with median and average values ​​experiencing an impressive drop of 42% and 37%, respectively. This means your website will load faster than ever before – we’re talking milliseconds, ensuring a seamless and great browsing experience for your visitors.

We also witnessed substantial enhancements in other key metrics. The Largest Contentful Paint (one of the three Core Web Vitals) and Total Blocking Time metrics, directly influencing website load times, demonstrated significant improvements with the CDN implementation.

Our testing data indisputably demonstrates the positive impact of Hostinger CDN on website performance. By harnessing the power of our CDN, you can enhance website performance, elevate user experience, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions to your site.

A custom visual that shows how a CDN works to speed up your website content delivery

Hostinger CDN Availability

To provide a seamless global experience for our customers, Hostinger CDN is now available in the following server locations:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • India

With our network of strategically located CDN servers worldwide, your website content will be delivered swiftly to your audience, regardless of their geographical location.

Who Benefits From Hostinger CDN?

Hostinger CDN is tailored to benefit businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether you operate an eCommerce platform, manage a media outlet, or have a high-traffic website with a global audience.

We understand the critical importance of every millisecond when it comes to delivering content to your visitors. That’s why we have seamlessly integrated our CDN into the following hosting plans:

  • Business Web Hosting
  • Business WordPress
  • WordPress Pro
  • All cloud hosting plans

If you currently have a Single, Starter, or Premium hosting plan, don’t worry – you can upgrade your plan directly on hPanel and start using Hostinger CDN.

You’ll get all this:

  • Static website caching. Your static web content will be automatically cached across all edge servers, reducing the origin server’s load and improving site speed.
  • CDN bypass mode and cache purging. These features can disable and flush the cache that’s been previously delivering your content. As a result, whenever you make changes in development mode, visitors can see them right away.
  • CSS and JavaScript minification. Remove redundancies in your code to reduce your website file size and enhance speed.
  • Data center rerouting. If your CDN data center is experiencing issues, the system will automatically disable it and redirect your site’s traffic to other data centers. No need to worry about downtime.
  • Built-in website security. Our CDN comes with DDoS mitigation, SSL/TLS encryption, and a web application firewall by default to protect your site against malicious attacks. Both your and your visitors’ data will be safe.

Attain the coveted 90-100 Score Zone

Are you ready to boost your site performance by up to 40% today, with zero effort?

Sign up for one of our hosting plans that include Hostinger CDN, or upgrade your existing plan on hPanel. With Hostinger CDN, you can enjoy the power of lightning-fast load times, improved performance scores, and optimized Core Web Vitals – all included in the price of your hosting plan.

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How Alejandro Reduced His Hosting Costs by 53% With Hostinger 

After his previous web host drastically increased its renewal fees, Alejandro González started to look for a new hosting provider. One that would let him save money, manage his clients’ sites easily, and offer a much better service for his customers. Learn how Hostinger has solved Alejandro’s problems and given him peace of mind.


Alejandro González is a freelance WordPress developer based in Mexico. For the past five years, he’s worked with digital agencies worldwide and created websites for their clients – most of whom are service providers and online store owners.

Today, Alejandro has over 80 client websites hosted on Hostinger. On the side, he makes YouTube tutorials about WordPress and Elementor using our hosting service.


For the first two years in the business, Alejandro used a popular hosting brand to host his clients’ websites. He was happy with their service, until their renewal pricing increased drastically.

“The substantial difference between initial and renewal pricing is quite common among hosting brands. That’s why we have to pay close attention to such details before making a purchase. However, this time, the new fees were eight times larger than what they charged previously. For the type of service I was getting, the price was not worth my money,” said Alejandro.

He also used to let clients purchase their own hosting plan instead of having him host their website for them. They would then share their accesses with Alejandro so that he could start working on their sites.

While this helped Alejandro organize his work, many clients found buying their own hosting to be expensive. Moreover, navigating through multiple accounts became too time-consuming for him.

In order to save money and improve his customer experience, Alejandro set out to find a different hosting provider with better value.


Alejandro came across Hostinger while researching different hosting services. As a YouTuber himself, he knew to be critical of online reviews.

“Many YouTubers only recommend services that pay them the most money, so I’m generally skeptical of the reviews out there. However, there were certain content creators that I trusted, and when I saw that they started talking about Hostinger, I decided to give it a try.”

He decided to go with Hostinger’s Professional Cloud Hosting plan. Starting at $14.99/monthit comes with 250 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, up to 300 websites, and up to 100 domain-based email addresses.

For Alejandro, this plan gave him all the space and features he needed without breaking the bank. He went from paying almost $1300/year (MX$25,000/year) that $600/year (MX$10,780/year) – a whopping 53% in savings.

Alejandro's quote on how Hostinger's pricing plan has given him a lot of value for his money to run his developer

hPanel – Hostinger’s custom control panel – impressed Alejandro from the get-go. The interface is user-friendly, letting him run his clients’ websites from the same account.

“New clients used to freak out when they first saw cPanel. hPanel is much nicer – the Account Sharing feature helps me out a lot. I can delegate access to my team members or clients, and they only need to go to the settings they have access to,” said Alejandro.

hPanel demo

Take a tour around hPanel and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your website.

Alejandro also noticed an improvement in website performance and server response time.

“Back then, when multiple team members were on WordPress at the same time, the server would start to lag due to being overloaded. With Hostinger, several people can work on the same website simultaneously without slowing down the platform.”

Hostinger’s cloud hosting runs on isolated virtual servers, high-performance SSD storage, and HTTP/3 protocol to ensure stable performance. With 99.9% uptime and global data centers, the back and front ends of Alejandro’s websites remain up and running at all times.

As a WordPress developer, Alejandro found the tailor-made WordPress features useful for optimizing his workflow.

Alejandro's quote on Hostinger's WordPress features, which have helped speed up his web development

Hostinger’s security tools were a game-changer for Alejandro, too – like the unlimited SSL certificates. To his knowledge, only a few hosting companies offer such a feature.

“The fact that Hostinger automatically pre-installs SSL certificates is a time-saver, especially for someone like me who works with multiple websites. I can simply add new domains and subdomains to my account, and the SSLs will be set up all at once,” he commented.

Furthermore, Alejandro can’t emphasize enough how much value his clients get from having daily backups included in his plan. “Not many web hosts offer that by default, so I usually tell my customers they’re like a bonus. It’s nice to know that our data won’t get lost if there is a security problem.”

It has been three years since Alejandro first migrated his own website and his clients’ to the cloud hosting plan. Whenever he has new prospects that used to work with another web host, he always recommends they move to Hostinger.

Alejandro's quote on

What’s Next?

All in all, Hostinger has given Alejandro the confidence needed to run his business.

“My clients expect excellent service and efficient problem-solving. If their websites crashed, they wouldn’t forgive me. But I’ve had zero complaints about Hostinger – even the customers with particular needs have had no problem with your services,” he said.

Up next, Alejandro wants to continue expanding his services overseas and work with clients from the US and Canada. “International clients typically have more specific requirements, but with some countries, the payment may be higher, which makes the challenge worth it.”

With Hostinger by his side, Alejandro can continue building on his success with ease.

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