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How Milla Computer Grew to 70+ Clients With Hostinger

As a web agency owner, Oscar needed a web host that offered the best value for his money. For him, essential features like site migration should come included at no extra cost. Learn how Hostinger has given him exactly what he’s looking for – thanks to all-inclusive pricing and feature-rich hosting.


Oscar Franco is the CEO of Milla Computer, a digital agency based in Mexico. After becoming unemployed during the pandemic, he started freelancing as a web developer.

As the pandemic forced SMEs to move online, Oscar’s business skyrocketed. Today, Milla Computer has over 70 active client websites – all hosted on Hostinger.


Oscar needed a hosting provider that met three criteria.

The first was reasonable pricing. After trying multiple web hosts, Oscar noticed that some providers had drastically increased their prices after the initial promotional period. This was a huge drawback for him, as sudden price increases would negatively impact his long-term relationship with the clients.

“Some brands also charge extra for almost every single feature – even for services like website migration and SSL certificates,” he shared.

WordPress support was also essential for Oscar. He used the CMS almost exclusively to do his job, preferring it over website builders and coding from scratch.

“It’s like tortillas – you can buy them from the store or make them yourself, but you’ll pretty much get the same thing. The main difference is that buying from a shop is much faster. It’s the same with WordPress. We need software that’s intuitive, flexible, and fast at delivering our projects, and that’s what WordPress is,” said Oscar.

Finally, he needed a web host with an easy website migration service. Oscar preferred having all his clients’ websites on one platform to save money. If a customer already hosted their site with another provider, he would offer to migrate it for them.

Unfortunately, many clients feared that transferring their website elsewhere would cause them to lose their files and data. A web host with a quick and seamless migration process could further help Oscar reassure his prospects that their sites were in the safest hands.


When Oscar searched for the best hosting company online, he saw many sites talking about Hostinger. After reading some comparison reviews with similarly priced providers, he realized how much more value he’d get for his money if he chose our services.

He decided to go with the Business Web Hosting plan, which is great for agencies with growing clientele. It offers 200 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 100 websites and domain-based email addresses. Moreover, it lets Oscar install WordPress easily to build his clients’ sites.

Out of all the features, unlimited free SSL certificates were a major highlight for Oscar.

“I used to install SSLs manually. I once asked a Customer Success agent if I could get an SSL certificate for my website, left the chat open, and started doing other tasks. Then I found out that he had already installed it for me and explained how it can be done automatically right on hPanel!” Oscar shared.

Today, new Hostinger clients get pre-installed SSLs for all domains and subdomains once they’re added to their hosting account – so there’s less workload during the website setup.

Oscar also noticed how easy hPanel is to use compared to other hosting control panels.

Oscar Franco's quote on hPanel's interface, which he thinks has a clean and user-friendly design

hPanel demo

Take a tour around hPanel and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your website.

For Oscar, the migration process to Hostinger has been effortless. “There has been no issue with moving websites so far, and I have zero complaints. I usually have a contract ready for clients to reassure them that nothing will happen to their website so they’d feel confident about me handling the transfer.”

To move a website to Hostinger, simply make a migration request on hPanel, fill out some information, and our Customer Success team will take care of everything from start to finish.

As a business owner, Oscar appreciates how responsive Hostinger’s Customer Success team is.

Oscar Franco's quote on how different Hostinger is from other hosting companies, especially in terms of how responsive Hostinger's customer support is

Our Customer Success agents live across the globe and are available via live chat 24/7. Moreover, our team speaks ten more languages ​​– don’t worry if you are uncomfortable describing your issues in English.

Thanks to Hostinger’s all-inclusive pricing and feature-rich hosting, Oscar can now run Milla Computer without compromising his budget. Whenever he has new clients, he always recommends they migrate to Hostinger.

“I have some clients who started with another provider and were on the fence about moving their websites. I told them that with Hostinger, I could offer services at a much lower price than I would with other providers. One site would only cost them $150 (MX$2700), which is much more affordable than the standard pricing,” said Oscar.


Oscar is the embodiment of Hostinger’s mission – empowering users to build success online. With Milla Computer, he can be his own boss and make a living out of his passion.

“I wish everyone could do what they’re truly passionate about and not what they’re obligated to do. Someone passionate can be a professional, but a professional isn’t always passionate about what they do. You can see it in your expression and attitude – when you like what you do, everything becomes more pleasant.”

Learning about Oscar’s growth as a developer and entrepreneur has made us beam with pride. Whatever Milla Computer is up to next, Hostinger will be ready to support it.

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Empowering People to Success Online

While age is just a number, we couldn’t be more excited about the 20th anniversary of WordPress on May 27, 2023.

Meetups, WordCamps, and a call for block art submissions are being held to honor the platform’s first release two decades ago. These activities are nicely mapped and documented on WordPress’s official anniversary website, so WordPress community members across the globe can see how they can get involved in the festivities.

Here at Hostinger, we celebrate this anniversary by contributing to the Five for the Future project. With this post, we also want to celebrate our customers who use WordPress to elevate their online presence. We talked to four of our inspiring customers about how WordPress and our services help them succeed online.

How Hostinger Supports WordPress Users

At Hostinger, WordPress users get the best out of their favorite CMS with our optimized WordPress hosting plans. Thanks to LiteSpeed servers and the LSCWP cache plugin, all plans are built for speed, helping users achieve better UX, better SEO, and higher conversion rates.

On top of that, there are plenty of ready-to-use advanced features to help anyone start their WordPress journey in no time. These features include a 1-click installer, automatic WordPress updates, a staging tool, and security measures like automated daily backups and a malware scanner.

Let’s see how our clients make the most of WordPress with Hostinger.

Lotte Johansen – Web Accessibility Advocate

Since 2014, the Norwegian government has stipulated a law that deemed inaccessible websites illegal. This means websites that are designed or redesigned after 2014 must follow the A and AA criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Lotte Johansen, who was working as a developer in marketplace Finn.no at that time, instantly thought about how the company would apply this new policy in their work. She noticed there wasn’t much done regarding web accessibility, so she took matters into her own hands, together with some other developers and designers. That was how the accessibility group at FINN was formed and the beginning of Lotte’s journey as an expert in the field.

“Web accessibility is good for everyone. That’s what I like about it,” she explains about what motivates her to delve deeper into web accessibility. The goal is to offer everyone the same experience when accessing a website, regardless of their ability or disability.

Since the advent of the accessibility group, Lotte’s interest in the field has kept growing. She started doing presentations and workshops, first internally at FINN and then externally. Nowadays, she is still working at FINN as the Engineering Manager, and her public speaking role has become her side job.

It only made sense for Lotte to create a website to present the topics she can speak about and to display where she’s been featured in.

Since she’s more of a back-end developer, it became important for her to use a website-building platform that can help her tackle the front-end side quickly and beautifully. And that’s where WordPress stepped in.

Hostinger’s 1-click WordPress installer made her site-building experience fast and easy. That, combined with the well-priced three-year hosting plan and the included domain-based email addresses, solidified her choice to use Hostinger.

And naturally, Lotte’s WordPress site is all about accessibility. She ran her site through several accessibility tests, passing them all with flying colors. That being said, she hopes there can be a way to easily adapt and test accessibility in WordPress in the future.

We’re positive the accessibility features will continue to improve in the future. After all, WordPress is committed to it, even having a dedicated Accessibility Team to ensure the best practices are applied in the platform.

Verônica Naka — Architect and CEO of Nakasa

Verônica Naka is an architect from Peruíbe, a city on the south coast of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2021, with more than 10 years of experience in architecture and interior design, she decided to venture out and found her own company.

She named her new project Nakasa, based on her Japanese last name, Naka, which means “inside”. Also, “casa” means “home” in Portuguese, so it was a great fit for the company.

Nakasa specializes in combining the sophistication of contemporary style with the well-being of its clients’ environment. “As architects, we need to help our client to find their style, what they like, and to translate all their needs into an environment,” Verônica explains.

Now, Verônica’s team consists of 14 people, including architects, civil engineers, interior designers, and administrators.

The team has proved that a small city company like Nakasa can work as hard as a big city business, with equally excellent quality services and effective workflows. There are not many architecture and interior design agencies in Peruíbe, and the team often has to face clients who don’t yet understand the value of interior design and the service price. Many think of interior design as merely adding pieces of furniture to a space. However, Verônica sees this as both a challenge and an opportunity, since her company is a pioneer in the field.

To expand Nakasa’s audience reach, the team created a website to showcase the agency’s portfolio – something very important for architecture agencies. The website is also used as the point of contact for clients: they can fill out a contact form, allowing the team to learn more about the project and set up a meeting with the client.

Initially, Verônica wanted to put as many pictures on the website as possible, but then she realized she must prioritize the overall user experience. She decided to collaborate with a developer to create Nakasa’s website, and the developer chose WordPress as the platform.

“It’s intuitive and easy to use. Now my team manages most of the website content, like adding photos of our new projects in our business portfolio,” Verônica says. “Now we are focusing on the SEO side, too, with the help of a digital marketing agency.”

Verônica agrees that her WordPress website really helps her company to grow. This is because, due to the price and complexity, people tend to search for architectural services on search engines, not social media.

She emphasizes further, “Your website stays there as your storefront. It won’t go away after 24 hours. It will appear when your customer searches for your product on Google.”

Phoebe Poon – CEO and Co-founder of Liker Land and Web3Press Plugin

People generally associate NFT with one-of-a-kind visual digital assets, such as artwork. But the future is here: please welcome literary NFTs.

Phoebe Poon and her colleagues established Liker Land in 2017, pretty early in the blockchain space. The company positioned itself as a decentralized publishing infrastructure. The platform has an NFT bookstore where visitors can collect NFT books and content, and writers can publish their work. There’s also a WordPress plugin called Web3Press that publishes blog posts as NFT content.

The team aspired to bring blockchain technology into publishing after realizing that the Internet is very centralized. When content creators post their work on social media, the content does not actually belong to them – they’re actually controlled by the platform being used. And when the platform is gone, so is their content.

That’s why Phoebe and her team wanted to empower creators to have more ownership over their content and provide another option to monetize it.

They created International Standard Content Number (ISCN), which works like International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It’s a registry protocol for digital content. This identifier contains metadata that includes the author, title, and the place and time of publication. The ISCN is publicly available for anyone to verify or check whether a specific person actually owns that content.

Moreover, Liker Land and WordPress’s missions are basically running in the same vein – Liker Land with the goal of “decentralizing publishing” and WordPress with the plan to “democratize publishing”. It’s actually one of the reasons why Phoebe and her team create Web3Press for WordPress users.

The team has also worked with a lot of independent media. These media outlets faced censorship issues, and the team wanted to offer them a tool that could help them create archives for their websites. WordPress enabled the media outlets to do just that, as well as have full freedom with site customization.

Meanwhile, as a WordPress plugin, Web3Press enables users to store their site archives as decentralized storage IPFSs. This makes it harder for a centralized authority to wipe out online content since it is already public on a peer-to-peer network.

In the future, Phoebe wishes to see the option for applying the ISCN system across WordPress’s native site. This way, whenever people open their WordPress site, they already have the option to register their writing on the blockchain. She suggests this will be beneficial for people who want full ownership of their content and retain their right to the freedom of speech.

Web3Press’s website itself is powered by WordPress and hosted on Hostinger. Phoebe loves that you can share the hosting account with other team members without limitations, making her team’s workflow more efficient.

She also loves the stability and ease of setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Plus, her Hostinger plan integrates with the necessary SaaS. “I think for the fast-paced tech environment, you just want to have the best user experience so that you don’t need to spend too much time finding your way around,” says Phoebe.

Michelle Frechette – Marketer and Podcaster of Audacity Marketing

In the words of Matt Mullenweg himself, Michelle Frechette is “the busiest woman in WordPress”. And for a good reason – she’s been making waves all around the WordPress ecosystem for a while.

In addition to her work as the Director of Community Engagement, she’s also the president of the board of a nonprofit organization, an author, a business coach, a frequent organizer and speaker at WordPress events, and a co-host for several podcasts. One of her podcasts, Audacity Marketing, aims to help businesses succeed with bold, community-led marketing strategies.

Michelle hosts Audacity Marketing together with fellow marketing professional Hazel Quimpo. Hazel and Michelle publish a new episode every couple of weeks, discussing how people can make big, bold moves in marketing and how to pivot if things aren’t going well.

“Making a bold move doesn’t always guarantee success,” explains Michelle. “Sometimes we have to have backup plans and determine what we will do if a certain way doesn’t work out. How will we redirect ourselves, our efforts, and our resources into a more profitable direction?”

Besides being a podcast, Audacity Marketing is also a consulting service. People can sign up for a session to pick Michelle and Hazel’s brains or hire them to work on projects like creating a marketing plan or a brand audit.

One of the reasons why Michelle loves WordPress is because it’s so flexible. Whatever theme is being used, there are many possibilities for the look and feel of the finished site. The custom post type feature and content organization by category and tag also enable her to neatly showcase Audacity Marketing’s podcast content and information about the consultation services.

Audacity Marketing’s website is hosted with Hostinger, and Michelle loves how easy it is to start setting up and using WordPress with Hostinger. She doesn’t even remember if she ever had to contact support.

“I don’t think ever we’ve run into any issues. It’s all been very seamless,” Michelle says.

There’s another aspect that Michelle loves about WordPress. “Part of me wants to use WordPress because of the community. I’m myself part of this community because I like how the software works,” she says.

She loves how people in the WordPress community help each other to make the most of the CMS. To commemorate the platform’s 20th birthday, Michelle wishes WordPress continues to grow and improve by ensuring diversity and inclusion in its ecosystem. She would love to see more people from all walks of life represented.

“Every product and every service gets better when we are taking into account all human experiences and not just isolated, homogenized groups. If we’re not seeking to always improve, then we stagnate, right? So we need to make sure that we are a diverse group of people, gender-, ethnicity, and abilities-wise, no matter the shape, size, or age,” Michelle elaborates.

Everyone can chip in – it’s easy to start contributing or simply attending a WordCamp. “It can be scary to be the first person that looks like you in a new space. But to know that it means other people look at that space and see that it’s including you, too – to me, that’s what’s super important,” she says.

After all, WordPress is for everyone – it just takes some courage for new faces to take the first step.

What’s Next For WordPress

So, after the party hats have been retired and the cake has been cut, what can we expect to see from WordPress in the near future? The major development to look forward to this year will be Phase 3 of the default block editor of WordPress, Gutenberg.

This new phase will address one of WordPress users’ main concerns: collaboration within the editorial workflow. This update will enable asynchronous editorial collaboration à la Google Docs, making it easy to suggest edits and tag other team members inside the editor. These features will definitely streamline workflows, making online collaboration better than ever.

Want to stay on top of all things WordPress? Subscribe to our WordPress newsletter for weekly WordPress insights, security news, best plugins, and much more.

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What are premium domains, and why should you buy them?

When you see the word ‘premium,’ your expectations heighten. You know that a premium tag usually comes with something special, something unique — something valuable.

While the worth of a classy car or 5-star restaurant seems obvious, for certain things, value isn’t always clear. Sometimes, to reveal how something can change your life, you need to dig a little deeper. 

This article reveals just how game-changing premium domain names can be. 

So, let’s run through this breakdown of premium domains with premium insight, and show you how these domains are being used online right now.

Why should you care about domains?

Okay, so you’re here to learn about premium domains and what makes them so great, but have you really thought about domain names in general?

When you look at your search bar, you might not think there’s much going on — you type in a web address and access a webpage. Simple. But in many cases, a lot of thought has gone into every letter you type.

From SEO to originality, memorability to market popularity, good domain name registration is the result of well-considered marketing. And marketing considered well can be the difference between online success and on-the-line failure. 

This might get you thinking — if good domain names can level up brands and make investors (aka domainers) rich, what can a premium domain name do?

Ball on top of a golden cone

What is a premium domain name?

Essentially, the difference between a premium domain and a regular domain may also be the difference between worldwide success and average-brand status. For an investor, they can be a golden ticket to superior portfolios and handsome returns.

Exciting — but what’s the premium domain meaning, really? 

A domain name is considered a premium domain name if it contains recognizable, short, and memorable dictionary words and phrases. These traits make them memorable, trustworthy, lasting, and therefore more valuable to a brand than a standard domain.

Premium domains can give you the upper hand over competitors, create a more memorable space for audiences, and, usually, a premium domain name makes for a very popular web address.

Take a look at some of these premium domains registered in 2022 — crane.tech, social.live, and beyond.beauty.

But if you’re still asking ‘‘why are some domains premium even if they don’t look great?’’ Well, they could be classed as premium if they are:

  • Very relevant
  • Short in length
  • Trustworthy
  • Memorable 
  • Highly brandable
  • Authentic

So, at a glance — premium domains have the potential to be powerful. 

But how do they really work? And who decides if they’re premium or not? 

Who owns premium domains?

If a domain contains notable traits, like the ones above, then it has the potential to be classed as premium.

Registry premium domains are created by registries and sold at premium prices. However, a large portion of premium domains is re-sold by existing owners, again at a premium rate. 

Essentially, registries create their own premium domain names using their top-level domains and sell them through registrars like Namecheap. So if you’re wondering how to make a domain name a premium domain, then you’ll be struggling — a domain can become premium, but it’s the registries that decide at the end of the day. 

Premium domains often come with premium price tags. But not all are so expensive. In some cases, you can find a premium domain name for just $20, so be sure to assess costs and premium benefits.

It’s also worth noting that registry domain name purchases and renewal fees are usually higher than non-registry fees. So, buying premium domains from an existing owner should be cheaper for both initial cost and renewal fee compared to those from registries. 

badge with checkmark

Premium domains expanded

Prices aside, it’s not good enough to merely find a domain name tagged premium and buy it. The average cost for premium domains might vary, but one thing stays the same — it’s down to you to register the best domain name possible for your brand or investment goals. 

You should also know that premium domains don’t have to excel in all areas to be regarded as premium. But they do have to align with your brand — a mismatched domain, even in a small way, could have made a big dent in your journey to online success. And, in most cases, given premium domains cost so much, you should be calculated in your approach. 

For instance, beyond.me, a premium domain registered by Beyond Meat, Inc., probably wouldn’t do so well as a world-class engineering solutions website.

So, to make sure you know how to make premium domains work for you, let’s learn more about their parts and break down the benefits of buying a premium domain name.


You only need to ask yourself a single question here — would you register a premium domain name if you thought no one was going to remember it? 

Memorability is of obvious importance, but the ways in which you can ensure memorability might not be. Let’s walk through some now. 


You know what they say — a shorter domain is a better domain. Among other things, they tend to be more memorable. 

This is why premium domains are primarily short and made up of snappy words or memorable letter combinations. 

For example, the .ME registry reported that two-character domain names were their best revenue generators in 2022. Similarly, .XYZ reported that 3 letter domains accounted for 48.21% of its domains. 


Being able to remember a domain name is one thing, but being able to read it and understand it comes first. 

That’s why premium domain names generally leave out numbers and punctuation — 1538tir35.com is unlikely to help a garage drive away with a market-leading position.

However, there are exceptions to the rule — 8888.xyz, for example, sold for $3,000 in 2022. But it’s still simple and short and has a certain unique appeal.

Clearly, it’s about the combination of domain elements that could result in premium status, not one single component. 

Generally speaking, clear, snappy, and easy-to-repeat premium-listed domain names are considered very, very valuable. 



Most brand builders want success. But many fail to consider whether they can market their assets well enough. From helping product ideas to social media strategies, the right premium domain can be an essential marketing tool.

So, to build a brand online in the best way possible, you should consider the following:

Authenticity and authority 

Premium domains tend to be more trustworthy. Unsurprisingly, this means users are more likely to visit a site. 

For context, safesystems.net sounds a little more trustworthy than supersafesystems4u.com. 

Authenticity also presents authority. 

If a brand seems more legitimate than another, which one is likely to appear more valuable and reliable? 

Every brand builder wants an authentic and powerful brand, and domainers place value on these too. So, part of what makes premium domains so good is their ability to strike instant trust.


We can all get frustrated when hit with irrelevance — annoying conversations, marketing jargon, or terrible streaming platform recommendations. 

To stop this from happening online, you need to consider relevance when choosing your premium domain. If you do, you could save everyone you care about a little bit of hassle, and build a strong relationship between brand, offerings, and site visitors. 

Brand succinctness 

Registries value descriptive domains for premium domain name potential, and frankly, so should you. Why? The more descriptive a domain, the higher the chance of people remembering it. 

Descriptive domains reduce confusion and therefore increase potential visits. They also help with SEO ranking via click-through rates and keyword richness. 

Radix, the registry of domains like .space, .site, and .online, is a good example — think of all the second-level domains that could be paired with these (i.e, the phrase left of the dot — namecheap.com) telling visitors what the site offers more clearly.

The more you can tell your potential customers or prospective fans about the purpose of your domain, the better. 

Take basketballscore.live for example. Can you hazard a guess as to what this offers? It’s so relevant but not too generic that it’s memorable, descriptive, and marketable as a result.

Or you could look at Namecheap — again, it’s memorable and driven by what it offers.

Because these factors are so effective for online brand building, premium domains often have brand succinctness as a forward feature. Examples include phoenix.security and marketplace.online.


Originality and brandability 

Most will agree that being original in the business world is a good thing. Originality helps with memorability and unique appeal, helping to create long-lasting, successful brands. 

Premium domains, naturally, can give you a better chance of doing so. 

But what about premium domain names that seem to have nothing to do with the brand at all? They may be original, but what about relevance and brand succinctness? 

Let’s take very.com, for example, a very popular premium domain example.

Without knowing what very.com provides, the domain name isn’t telling you much. 

While relevance is incredibly important in online branding, strong domain names are often original and creative too. In this case, Very has become relevant over time and developed recognition as the brand grows. 

So, with the right marketing efforts in support, you could build a premium brand using a non-descript premium domain name and still feel the benefits of premium usage.

Market popularity

Premium domains generally stay premium. And investors can see great returns on domains that increase in value as time goes on. 

Take carinsurance.com, for example. 

Premium value is unlikely to fade here — or at least, those were the thoughts of whoever bought it… for a mind-blowing $49 million.

But what about those wanting to build brands or invest in domains ahead of the curve, before they become relevant to market popularity? Ultimately, it’s down to you, the registrant, to identify premium domains that could be effective now and last for years to come.

Take Blockchain.ventures, a domain name that sold for $42,000. It won’t have been worth much 20 years ago. But current market value partly dictates this domain’s premium label. And if you were savvy enough to snap this up ahead of time, well, you could be making great returns or big brand moves today.

SEO illustration

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

SEO is a well-known driver of domain name value. For premium domain names, this driver becomes even more defining. 

As you know, most premium domains are classed, in part, by their use of dictionary words. These words are highly searchable, memorable, and incredibly desirable as a result. 

Need an example? 

Apple.com is searched by 127 million visitors monthly around the world. Of course, this is for many reasons, and it may not have been a premium domain in the first place.  

But, the domain is memorable, easy to spell, and it’s a dictionary word. 

Apple, however, is already taken. So what should you know to help spot an SEO-aiding premium domain name yourself? 

Search terms and key phrases

Examples of search terms and key phrases in premium domain name registration are everywhere. 

But we only need one to kick off our breakdown. 

Identity Digital, the owners of domains like banking.services, the.video, and black.creditcard, explains — ‘‘Our high SEO impact domain names leverage descriptive words to send a strong signal to search engines and help you rank higher in the search results. More clicks, more leads, more customers.’’

More clicks, more leads, more customers — sound like the result of a premium asset to you? 

arrow hitting a target

Click-through rate (CTR)

This SEO metric is as it sounds — it’s the rate at which users click on links on your site, in ads, or in email. 

We can probably agree that most people register a domain hoping their site gets visits. But, as you’ve probably gathered, there are a lot of factors as to whether they actually will.

A suspicious-looking domain name, like suspect5000.fishy, is likely to generate a lower click-through rate than something, well, less suspect, especially given that .fishy isn’t among the most popular premium domain extensions.

Essentially, when registering a premium domain name yourself, you’ll need to consider how it looks online, so people are drawn to it, not put off by it. If it looks authentic, clear, and reflective of something valuable, then it should be considered good in your search for the right premium domain name. 

In ads, on search engines, and on pages linking to your domain — premium domains are designed to look great, so your traffic reports and ad returns look just as good.

Type-in traffic

There’s an important distinction between choosing a keyword-rich domain and registering a brandable one 

Take the domain name engineoilforoldcars.piston. 

As you might know, domain names don’t directly contribute to SEO ranking. Sure, there’s a handful of valuable rich key terms in there, but Google stopped domain name ranking alone a while back. 

However, that’s not to say this site couldn’t have high-quality, SEO-driven content within it — in other words, this site becoming SEO-rich over time isn’t impossible.

But the real problem isn’t that it would take time, or that Google indexing would take longer. It’s that few would remember the name at all — resulting in low memorability, bad marketability, and low type-in traffic. 

This is what makes most premium domains so good

You’re unlikely to see a premium domain as dense and lengthy as this one. You’ll find brandable and memorable domains that have the potential to generate a great deal of organic traffic, and level up your online brand for decades to come. 

How to buy a premium domain 

So, if you’ve answered the questions, ‘is it worth buying a premium domain?’ and ‘should I buy it?’ then here’s how to actually register one — head straight over to our full list of TLDs to see what’s available and register that perfect premium domain today. 

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