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September 2023 - SEO TOP AGENCY

Hostinger Becomes a Golden Partner of Awwwards Conference 

Hostinger is joining the 17th edition of the Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference as the main sponsor to foster connections in the digital creative community. This prestigious event, known for celebrating innovation in web design, will take place in Amsterdam from 11 to 13 October. 

The Awwwards Conference showcases the latest trends, technologies, and design inspirations, making it a hotspot for anyone passionate about the digital world. This event attracts agencies, influencers, and leading web design and development professionals, enabling them to connect, build business relationships, discover trends, and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web. 

Learning and Building Connections 

The Awwwards Conference has been running for 17 years, gathering around 950 attendees from 45 countries annually. This year, the event program includes over 24 speakers and 13 talks, covering topics from UX design and creative coding to machine learning and research. In addition to presentations from industry pros, there will be three workshops.

“Beyond being a design-focused event, it’s a meeting ground for a vibrant community of individuals and organizations actively shaping the digital landscape. Global tech companies participating in the Awwwards conference have an opportunity to showcase how technology seamlessly integrates with exceptional design to craft remarkable user experiences”, explains Daniel Perez Pinazo, the CEO at Awwwards. 

Three days at the Awwwards Conference will provide us a platform to share and gain new knowledge. As the tech industry drives innovation and sets trends, participating in this event will give us valuable insights into the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best practices, which will help us stay at the forefront of the industry. 

As conference attendees are active users, professionals, and decision-makers deeply engaged with the tech industry, we will be able to demonstrate our capabilities and products, like Hostinger Website Builder or Pro Panel, to a global audience. 

Our Contribution to the Awwwards Conference 

Hostinger is participating in the Awwwards conference as a Gold sponsor this year. Sixteen of our colleagues from various teams will be on-site, giving you a closer look at our projects and the innovation that drives us. They will be ready to connect with fellow professionals and discuss potential collaborations and partnerships. Be sure to visit our booth and strike up a conversation.

Radvilė Jankevičienė, our Head of Creative Production, will deliver a speech on the In-House Way of Managing Brand Distinctiveness and Advertising Production. 2000 Assets at a Time. She will share how our in-house design team works with the distinctive brand image and advertising performance. All the presented principles and experience can be fully applied to the day-to-day work of agencies and freelancers.

“The uniqueness of the Hostinger brand in the international web hosting provider industry is good design. To ensure its consistency, we have created a Brandbook, with the latest version to be launched very soon. Everything our customers read or see about the company is built with our internal resources so consumers anywhere in the world have the same experience with Hostinger. I am convinced that a strong brand image is the most sustainable long-term marketing investment“, shares Radvilė Jankevičienė. 

See You There

Mark your calendars and join Hostinger at the 17th Awwwards Conference, the hub of digital creativity and innovation. We are eager to engage with the vibrant digital community, showcase our work, and draw inspiration from the industry’s best. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for this exciting event, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Web 3.0 and web design best practices

As the full realization of Web 3.0 comes ever closer, upgrading or revamping your website according to new best practices will become increasingly important. After all, Web 3.0 will be so distinct from other iterations of the World Wide Web that your site will need to adopt new practices and design principles to attract visitors and thrive in the competitive market.

Not sure where to start? Today, let’s break down some of the most important Web 3.0 web design best practices you should employ in the near future.

Web 3.0 explained

In a nutshell, Web 3.0 is the future evolution of the Internet.

Originally, the Internet was a pretty simple place. In the Web 1.0 era, most sites were run by big organizations and had little more than basic text files or strings. In Web 2.0 — the current era — the Internet was defined by user-created content like webpages and, to a large extent, social media.

Web 3.0 will change everything, combining principles like decentralization, cryptocurrency payments, and private user control over their data. With Web 3.0, large corporations will no longer control the data of billions of people, and many individuals may trade goods and services freely using crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There will still be big websites and user-generated pages and content, of course. However, Web 3.0 is likely to be so distinct from other epochs of the Internet that it makes sense to prepare to adopt your site for future users and needs sooner rather than later. If you do that, your site will be prepared for the inevitable influx of new user traffic as Web 3.0 continues to approach.

Best web design practices for Web 3.0 sites

But how should you improve your site for Web 3.0 and its tools, technologies, and users? Here are a few ideas.

Servers connected on blockchain

Decentralize your site and processes

First and foremost, start decentralizing your site and its processes right now. A decentralized website won’t have all of its files or critical programs on one computer or terminal. Instead, all the computers and terminals that access the site will collate their information and ensure its accuracy.

This is easier said than done, and this is likely a long-term design practice you’ll have to adopt as decentralized Web 3.0 technologies become more accessible. Still, put it on the drawing board for a transformation you’ll have to adopt eventually.

Offer voice-activated assistants

More concretely, you can get started offering voice-activated assistants and systems to your customers. This is great for differently abled customers, allowing hands-free browsing and improved accessibility. Those can be big benefits for your brand’s reputation, particularly if you wish to create a responsible and welcoming environment for your customers/target audience members.

Hedgehog in a portal controlled by Bitcoin

Crypto payment portals

As noted above, Web 3.0 will largely be dominated by crypto payments and wallets. Already, many Internet shoppers want to purchase goods and services with their cryptocurrencies.

If you put a crypto payment portal in your e-commerce shop, you’ll immediately expand your customer base. That can result in short and long-term profit increases. In addition, accepting crypto payments means you can participate in the broader Web 3.0 Internet market, using the crypto tokens you accumulate to buy goods and services or exchange for fiat currencies.

Use the background to highlight interactive paths

In terms of raw web design, you can and should design your site’s background with basic shapes, strings, and other graphic elements to highlight the interactive paths you want your customers to take. For example, a basic “bridge” or similar graphic element leading a visitor’s eye from a landing page deal to a product list page could be a great way to funnel traffic through the best areas of your site.

This is a good Web 3.0 web design practice because it will help facilitate ease of use and intuitive navigation. That’s doubly important when you consider the fact that Web 3.0 will allow for more free-flowing traffic and, in all likelihood, many more visitors compared to earlier iterations of the Internet.

Aim for a minimalist aesthetic

You should also try to design your Web 3.0 website with a minimalist aesthetic. But why?

Simply put, a minimalist aesthetic pulls together your entire design and helps to ensure a smooth flow from site to site. Web 3.0 will essentially unify many different sites and online resources. By making the transition from another site to your online resource smooth and simple for your users, they’ll be more inclined to dive deep into your shop or e-commerce brand’s offerings.

You can still keep your current image files, of course, particularly if they are brand-relevant or recognized by your target audience. However, you’ll likely want to find a good tool to convert HEIC to JPG files and vice versa to ensure that your backgrounds, product images, and other image files are as high-quality and fast-loading as possible.

On top of that, one of the big advantages of a minimalist aesthetic is that it’ll ensure your website loads quickly for mobile users. Since mobile users make up over half of Internet traffic, and that number is expected to increase, designing your website so it loads in microseconds is vital.

Hedgehog working on virtual reality technology

Integrate VR and AR experiences

Don’t forget to integrate more virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Web 3.0 should have many more experiences of these types, allowing users to interact with your website or the Internet using digital headsets, gamepads, and other control schemes.

Not only is this more immersive for your customers, but it also adds even more accessibility to your site, which is never a bad thing,

Leverage AI chatbots and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries, the Internet included. To that end, it’s never too soon to start leveraging AI chatbots for your customer service needs.

AI chatbots use basic scripts to respond to frequent customer questions and basic inquiries. By using AI chatbots, you free up your customer service team members to tackle more complex tasks and provide your customers with immediate support: both big benefits when trying to grow your brand from scratch.

Implement background data interoperability

Last but not least, update your site’s code and framework to make your background information, such as store customer or shop data, more interoperable. In essence, this will accelerate the decentralization process mentioned above, plus make your site able to integrate with other sites and users much more easily.

Depending on your skill set, you may need to contact some experts to do this for you. But in the long run, it will be a superior investment for the effectiveness and accessibility of your site and the security of your customer data.

Get ready for Web 3.0 today

Preparing for Web 3.0 can be a monumental task, so you shouldn’t do it alone. Namecheap makes it easy for you to find or transfer a domain name to a new iteration of your website, helping your customers find you even as the Internet shifts and transforms.

Even better, you can rely on Namecheap to provide you with premium DNS services, offering unparalleled security and domain name quality for the future. Check it out today.

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Excel in Studies and Unlock Your Full Potential With Hostinger

Lifelong learning is essential to succeed and achieve goals. Here at Hostinger, we take this very seriously. Our Learn and Be Curious principle and learning routines go beyond recommended book lists, ongoing training, and unlimited educational platforms. 

Many of our colleagues were, are, or will be studying at university and working simultaneously. Few of them shared their insights about this journey and what made this experience invaluable. 

Development Culture

In a rapidly changing world, keeping up with news and technologies is essential to remain competitive. Constant growth can improve your personal life – boosting your confidence, self-esteem, and well-being. As for your professional life, it empowers you to challenge yourself, find innovative solutions, and reach your full potential

Hostinger offers opportunities and tools for all employees to improve, scale, and make a bigger impact. Employees can develop various skills and competencies through internal training, such as the Managers Academy, Customer Success Leadership Academy, and workshops. So far, more than 130 employees have experienced the CoachHub coaching program’s benefits and have had over 1,200 sessions.

At Hostinger, you also get the recommended reading list on your first day. You can access the virtual or office library and order your needed books. Moreover, everyone can use external sources, such as Reforge, Scribd, Udemy, or BitDegree, to gain knowledge and new skills. Hostinger provides opportunities for employees to learn as much as possible from external providers, encouraging them to attend conferences, training sessions, or consultations. 

Although a dynamic work environment sometimes can make learning look like a luxury, Hostinger employees have exceptional opportunities to make it a part of everyday work. From dedicating an hour or two to taking the whole Learning day – Hostinger provides enough time to read, learn, or attend studies. 

Educational Leave is eligible for students working at Hostinger. They can get a few days off when they have tests, exams, or dissertation completion and defense. A few of our colleagues shared their experiences balancing full-time work and study and how the Hostinger culture enables them to manage this challenge. 

Provides a Unique Advantage 

Mantas Lukauskas, Data Scientist at Hostinger, has quite a diverse study experience – he graduated with honors in Material Science, Economic studies, and Big Business Data Analytics. Now, he is a fourth-year Ph.D. Informatics student. He says the motivation to work and study simultaneously was born from a desire to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience. Mantas Lukauskas shares that his roles in academia and industry offered a distinctive perspective that has allowed him to participate in numerous conferences and publish a scientific article in a Web of Science journal. 

Mantas Lukauskas, Data Scientist at Hostinger

“Doing both equips me with a unique advantage – opening doors to real-world applications of my theoretical knowledge. Conversely, we have many complex real-world projects and practical AI applications at work. This allows me to return fresh and practical knowledge to academia and improve research quality. Sometimes you can feel that you have more knowledge than the professor in the specific field”, shares Mantas Lukauskas. 

He said balancing full-time work at Hostinger and pursuing his studies have offered significant challenges. Still, he has handled both effectively with proper time management and prioritization. He adds that Hostinger makes it possible to strike this balance due to the company’s open, supportive environment and flexible work arrangements. “The company supports and promotes personal growth and career development, making it a conducive place for combining work with academic pursuits,” adds Mantas Lukauskas. 

Collaboration and Flexibility Is Key 

Gintarė Gudaitytė, Lawyer at Hostinger, joined the company as a fourth-year student at Vilnius University Faculty of Law because of her passion for solving difficult riddles and desire to see how things work in practice.

“Working and studying simultaneously, I gained a lot of skills and strengths. First of all, it gave me work experience in the law field. I have also mastered time management and using my free time better. Moreover, I got an opportunity to network and explore the organizational background – connecting with different specialists and working in a corporation introduced valuable professional insights on how complex companies operate”, says Gintarė Gudaitytė. 

Gintarė Gudaitytė, Lawyer at Hostinger

She remembers that fitting all the responsibilities and social life together was challenging. Gintarė Gudaitytė managed to keep balance in both fields because of a few important things Hostinger offers: 

  • Collaborative team and manager’s care – working within a cooperative team enables one to share tasks and receive support. Besides, it helps to gain many insights from the manager on how to set realistic goals, avoid burnout, set priorities, and manage time.
  • Flexibility – flexible hours and remote work help save time since it isn’t necessary to travel between the university and the workplace. Also, there is a lot of freedom to plan your time, so you don’t need to miss lectures. 
  • Motivation and stress management – positive feedback from teammates boosts confidence and inspires you to do your best at work and studies. Moreover, work-life balance initiatives, such as seminars and workshops, can help to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Win-Win Situation

Tautvydas Korkuzas, Customer Experience Specialist at Hostinger, started his career here during his third year of IT Bachelor’s studies. Later, he shifted to a Customer Experience Research position at work, which allowed him to connect his skills and interests. On top of that, Tautvydas Korkuzas chose International Business Studies for his Master’s for more theoretical knowledge about business development.

“Studying at university is about theory, so you need to do something with your new skills in practice to improve. This understanding was my main drive at the beginning. This dual challenge helps to master time planning, improve accountability, challenge your inner motivation to have things done, and allow you to learn more and faster,” shares Tautvydas. 

Tautvydas Korkuzas says that Hostinger values learning. As he highlights, dedicated time for learning is more than just an option. It is usually an expectation from every employee. He says there is always someone studying at Hostinger, so you always sync with them on how things are going and collaborate when needed. 

“One of the life hacks that helped me was doing similar projects at university and work. As for my Bachelor’s final project, I did it specifically for Hostinger. A tool I created for our customers is being used today! As for the Master’s, I analyzed our customers’ behavior and looked at how to improve customer experience drastically. The research helped to identify things that we do well and allowed us to learn new practices,” shares Tautvydas Korkuzas. 

Step Out of Comfort Zone

All colleagues who shared their experiences agree that this dual journey can be challenging and force you out of your comfort zone, but it is equally rewarding. Mainly, they advise not to overlook time management, a positive mindset, and self-discipline while juggling work and study. 

However, it’s not just personal effort that counts, but also the opportunities the company offers. Hostinger provides opportunities for everyone to gain knowledge and skills through various offerings and support. Combining those things can help you navigate this journey skilfully and reach your full potential. 

If you’re eager to learn and work simultaneously, we invite you to explore our career opportunities, where we offer the perfect blend of both.

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