Customer Spotlight: From Finance to Flowers. A Florist’s Love Story

Six years ago, Aistė had a stable job working in finance. What else could a 20-something want? It appears that Aistė wanted much more. By accident, she fell in love with flowers, which resulted in Kvietkos, a flower boutique concept with a flair for personalization. Was changing careers scary? Aistė says that starting a business was tough, but it’s an effort that pays off in hundreds of smiling customers.

In 2016, Aistė Miliauskaitė – an event manager by trade – was asked by her employers to decorate an office event with flowers. Without prior experience, she jumped straight in and carried out the task with great vigor, showing appreciation for something she’d never cared about. That was the beginning of Aistė’s floral love story.

Finance seemed like a great choice for a career, but Aistė realized her heart wasn’t in it. She’d daydream about floristry, researching plants and flowers during her breaks, after work, and even on weekends. It wasn’t long before Aistė started drafting blueprints for her business.

“Of course, starting a business seemed very hard, and it was scary to step out of my comfort zone, but once the day came, it all started to make sense and turned out to be a normal daily routine,” says Aistė.

Kvietkos is a boutique known for its assortment of rare exotic flowers, daring bouquet compositions, and an affinity for what Aistė calls ‘the simple things in life.’ The name ‘kvietkos’ comes from an old-fashioned Lithuanian word meaning ‘flowers.’ It evokes images of vintage fashion, baked goods, the countryside, and most importantly, your grandparents. It’s like a quaint throwback to the days when people appreciated quality over quantity, and the shopkeeper was your best friend.

Aistė thinks that nothing is as rewarding as seeing customers smile upon receiving their bouquets. And ultimately, it’s all about making dreams come true, which is something Aistė can relate to.

She smiles when asked about her daily routine.

“We’ve recently discussed with the girls that there’s no typical day at Kvietkos. Every day is so different. January is the worst for this type of business. People just don’t buy flowers. But instead of desperation, I chose to spend this time planning! While summer is all about festivities and working with orders, January is a slow month of working on strategies and additional projects. ”

Aside from making bouquets, Kvietkos also decorates corporate events, weddings, family celebrations, and offers flower subscription services. The team prefers to carry out deliveries themselves.

“We make sure that every delivery is special. It could be a unique vase that sets the mood. If the day is sunny and spring is right around the corner, we might use beautiful combinations of bright colors, ”says Aistė.

Although vis-à-vis is crucial for personal contact, Kvietkos is just as concerned about its social media presence, claiming that Instagram and Facebook build anticipation in their customers.

That said, Aistė is confident that nothing would be the same without the website. is powered by Hostinger’s Single Web plan, which turned out to be a great option when combined with proper optimization. It’s certainly enough to fuel Aistė’s latest initiative – professional workshops. “I want those workshops to be based purely on my own experience, not something you can learn from books. And I’m thrilled to see the outcome and people coming from different cities just to learn from me. “

Aistė’s case only proves that life is too short to be dull. If you have an idea – roll up your sleeves and go for it. You’re the only one in control, and Hostinger is always here to lend a helping hand.

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Create a website for a spring holiday

Spring springs into life in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20 and continues until June 21, when we officially welcome summer.

The season is packed full of holidays. And since we love domains, we tend to think of holidays in terms of domain names. You might think it’s weird, but when you’re domain-obsessed, everything can be related to domain names.

Let’s take a look at spring holidays and related domains. It might give you some inspiration to build a new site around one of your favorite spring holidays.

Spring holiday domains

Here are some fun domains you might want to register in advance of your favorite spring holidays.

St.  Patricks Day with hat, shamrock and gold

St. Patrick’s Day

We’re going to cheat a bit and sneak this one into spring even though it’s a few days before the spring equinox. After all, who doesn’t love drinking green beer and pinching your friends who forget to wear green? (And why am I always the person who fails to don green clothes that day?)

Perhaps we should pinch website owners who don’t use a .GREEN domain. It’s a fun domain extension for any website that has to do with the greenest holiday of the year. In fact, and are both available to register at the time we’re writing this article.

Ireland also has its own domain, .IRISH. And if you associate St. Patrick’s Day with drinking a beer (of if you just love beer in general), pick up a .BEER domain.

Narcissus and a butterfly


Next up on the calendar is Easter, which brings a couple of things to mind.

According to Pew Research Center, more people search for ‘church’ around Easter than any other time of the year. If your church wants a shorter, easier-to-remember domain, search for a .CHURCH domain.

When I think about Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is Easter egg hunts. Believe it or not, there’s a relevant domain extension for that: .QUEST. If you’re tech-minded and looking for a fun (and educational) family project, register a .QUEST domain to create an online “egg” hunt.

April Fools Day

Ah, April Fool’s day. The day we get tricked into thinking something neat has happened only to find out it was a gag. Well, there’s a domain for that, too. Register your .FOOLEDYA domain today. *

Globe surrounded by computer screens

Earth Day

Earth Day is a great day to show off what you or your company are doing to help protect the planet. There are lots of domain extensions to choose from for this day.

First, there’s .EARTH. Register your company name in this extension to create a website about your environmental activities. Or, if you already have a page on your site for this, you can easily forward your new .EARTH domain to that page.

An alternative is .ECO, or you can go with the same domain you bought for St. Patrick’s Day: .GREEN.

Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is a day to celebrate what teachers contribute to our society. Now, gifting a domain instead of an apple probably isn’t a good idea. But what about creating a site to celebrate your school’s teachers? Register a .SCHOOL domain to highlight how much you appreciate the teachers.

Hedgehog with a baby

Mother’s Day

Just like teachers, you probably don’t want to gift mom her own domain because she’d have to figure out how to use it! So register a .MOM domain and create a website dedicated to how wonderful your mom is. If she’s like most moms, she will send a link to the website to all of her friends. “See what my wonderful child made for me!”

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a US holiday to remember those who have died protecting the country. There are several domain names that can be used to create a website dedicated to your loved ones: .MEMORIAL, .RIP, and .VET.

Father’s Day

Sorry, dads. You can register a .MOM domain today, but dads need to wait a bit longer. Google has the rights to operate the .DAD extension and sell domains through registrars like Namecheap, but it hasn’t launched it yet.

Other holidays

There are some holidays in the spring that are difficult to find domains for. But there’s one domain for them all: .DAY. Select a second-level domain (the part to the left of the dot) for whatever special day you want to celebrate.

A domain for a special day

When we think of registering domains, we usually think of the main domain for our company or personal website. But there are now hundreds of niche domains that can be used for just about anything. Creating a holiday-specific website is just one of the many uses. Check out all of the available domains at Namecheap.

* Since it’s (probably) not April Fools’ Day when you’re reading this, we’re just going to tell you this is a joke. This domain does not exist.

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Unlocking real news sites in the “splinternet”

The Internet is splintering, and the Ukraine crisis is accelerating it.

They call it the “splinternet,” and it’s a big deal. Most people know that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google don’t work in China, but Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Reddit are also blocked.

India has banned TikTok, WeChat, Weibo (“Twitter of China”), and Baidu Maps (Chinese Google Maps).

As the Internet splinters, your online experience is increasingly dependent on where you live. Where you’re born has always had a huge bearing on your political freedoms, education, income, and life expectations.

In 2022, it also determines what kind of information you have access to, leading to the splinternet.

Find out why this matters and how you can bridge the information divide.

Splinternet is a portmanteau (a blend of two different words) that combines “split” and “Internet.”

It’s not a new concept, as the Internet has been fragmenting for years, with nation-states censoring content for political purposes. In 2022, the world increasingly has a country-by-country version of the Internet, where governments decide what citizens can see and post online.

Since invading Ukraine, Russia has blocked access to Facebook and Twitter after complaining about the fact-checking of war-related posts.

The BBC, Deutsche Welle (DW), Voice of America, and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty have also seen their websites banned in Russia.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, and TikTok are also blocking Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik in European Union countries.

Censorship is also happening in crypto, with China banning crypto mining in 2021, partly because they want to build their own central bank digital currency.

The splinternet defies one of the web’s founding principles: ‘information wants to be free.’

While regulating freedom of speech in any country – let alone the entire planet – is complicated with no obvious answers. The Internet can only work if everyone has free access to knowledge and information.

Illustration of verified website

The Russian government is building a parallel Internet inside its borders, which gives the Kremlin complete control over what its citizens can see and post online.

China has one of the most tightly regulated online spaces, where restrictions to foreign websites and services lie behind what’s known as “The Great Firewall of China.”

Authoritarian governments are tightening controls over the Internet, so they can track your online activity, censor websites, and prevent political opposition.

Many VPNs – a popular service used to hide IP addresses and keep your Internet traffic and browsing private – were banned in Russia in 2017, with access to them blocked outright.

Iran has also blocked VPN services, with only government-approved ones permitted, making them useless. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are also unavailable in that jurisdiction.

VPNs are illegal or restricted in:

  • China (illegal)
  • Russia (illegal)
  • Belarus (illegal)
  • North Korea (illegal)
  • Iraq (illegal)
  • United Arab Emirates (legal with restrictions)
  • Turkey (legal with restrictions)
  • Egypt (legal with restrictions)

The free and open Internet envisioned by the web pioneers in the 1990s is splintering, and that’s why we need virtual bridges.

illustration of a mobile device with VPN

With a virtual private network (VPN), you can access real news, listen to foreign podcasts, and post on social media by hiding your IP address.

A VPN can protect your digital privacy if you use it correctly, creating a tunnel between your device and the Internet.

By using a virtual IP instead of your real location, the authorities will struggle to identify your whereabouts, enabling you to bypass surveillance.

Governments and advertisers can use IP addresses to track you online, whether you’re stuck at home or using public Wi-Fi, even if you go incognito.

In today’s uncertain world, we need to share information freely and break the silence of censorship.

From mass surveillance to social media crackdowns, authoritarian regimes have expanded their censorship laws in 2022.

It’s speeding up the splinternet, a phrase referring to the breakdown of the Internet – what we once called the world wide web – which has now become a disjointed collection of websites.

Without access to free information, we’ll continue to fragment and live in parallel realities with all the discord that brings.

Any sense of a shared reality will become more fragile with the Internet splintering into rival infospheres, and if every country has its own facts, it doesn’t bode well in the long run.

So if you value free and open information, remember the power of bridges, so we can see ourselves as others see us.

If you want to unlock real news sites, try FastVPN for free for one month. We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and American Express.

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