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WordPress 6.0 Beta Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

The first beta version of WordPress 6.0 was released a few weeks ago. Then, on April 26, 2022, the latest and final beta version, WordPress 6.0 Beta 3, was launched.

WordPress 6.0 Beta 3 introduces several bug fixes and improvements that significantly impact the overall user experience on WordPress.

We have covered the new features and test instructions in our first WordPress 6.0 Beta post. This article will focus on the fixes and improvements introduced in the recent beta releases.

New Twenty Twenty-Two Style Variations

The Twenty Twenty-Two default theme now comes with three new style variations. This will complement the new style switcher feature, as you can now easily change the global styles in a few clicks.

Go to the site editor and open the global styles panel. Click on the Browse styles button to find all the style variations of the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

The new style variations for the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

Duotone Preset Bug Fix

Using the theme.json file, you can add a preset to apply a duotone filter to all images. However, a bug prevented the site editor from rendering the preset correctly.

Luckily, the problem was fixed in the latest beta version. To test it, open the theme.json file and add the duotone preset by inserting this code snippet:

  "styles": {
		"blocks": {
			"core/image": {
				"filter": {
					"duotone": "var(--wp--preset--duotone--foreground-and-secondary)"

Open the site editor, and you will see that the duotone filter was applied to the existing and new images by default.

Header image with the duotone filter preset applied.

The latest beta release fixed the issue with the link color in nested blocks. The bug made links in a nested block follow the style of the parent block.

Links inside a row block using the row block's link color settings.

In the example above, the two links inside the row block have custom colors. However, the row block’s default link color is black, overwriting the custom settings.

After the fix, the link color for blocks inside a group, row, or stack block should work independently. To test this, create a post with a group block and add a link to it. Then, define a different link color for the group block and the paragraph block inside it.

When you open the post, the link color in the paragraph block should follow its style settings.

Links inside a row block using their specific link color settings - purple and green.

The new comments query loop block replaces the post comment block in WordPress 6.0. In the final beta release, developers launched improvements and fixes to make it consistent with the old post comment block.

The developers added a new block in the comments query loop block to include a title above the post comments.

The comment title block appears at the top of the post's comment section.

The comment title includes the comment count and the post title, which you can enable or disable on the block settings. Customize the block’s color, typography, and border using the design tools.

The design tools on the block settings panel to customize the comment title block.

Previously, the comments query loop block didn’t include a post comment form, and users had to insert it themselves.

In the latest beta version, developers included the post comment form block into the comments query loop block.

Comment form block that's now a part of the comments query loop block.

Users can choose whether to use it, and with the design tools, it’s possible to customize the block’s color and typography and add custom CSS classes.

Due to a bug in the comments query loop block, the comment IDs were missing on the front-end output. Because of that, the page would jump back to the top of the post after a user submitted a comment instead of going back to their comment, creating a bad user experience.

The new beta version fixed the issue by adding an ID for each comment and loading the page with a URL anchor that leads you to the submitted comment.

To test this fix, create a post with a comments query loop block. Open the post and leave a comment. Once you’ve submitted it, the post should reload and direct you to your comment.

Submitting a comment using a comments query loop block will redirect users to the new comment.

Accessibility Improvements

WordPress aims to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA. Thus, the developers are working on 150+ accessibility improvements.

WordPress 6.0 accessibility improvements should feature 50+ of these items. Here are some of the highlights:

  • When linked to a post, the featured image will use the post title as the alt text.
  • The search button, locked block status icon, navigation block, and query pagination block now use the aria-label.
  • Improved keyboard controls and the addition of an aria-expanded attribute for collapsible blocks in the list view.
  • Enabled Home and End keys to navigate the list view.
  • Improved Draft saved text, making it more descriptive.

Upcoming Updates

After the WordPress Beta 3, the development team will launch three Release Candidates (RC) before the final release on May 24, 2022.

Essentially, the Release Candidates are versions ready for the final release. However, with so many plugins and themes available and people using WordPress in different ways, the RCs provide the opportunity to ensure that the final release will work as intended. If you want to get involved, you can report any bug or error you find to the WordPress team until the final release date.

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Namecheap’s 11 favorite Private Email features

Private Email has been helping businesses and individuals communicate for over a decade – offering pro email addresses that include your website’s domain name. It never stops evolving either, with new features dropping frequently. Most recently, Jellyfish, the AI ​​anti-spam filter that adjusts to your needs.

As we get ready to celebrate Private Email’s 11th birthday, we’ve gathered the top 11 features that have made it such an enduring and popular email service. It not only keeps countless businesses running, but we use it here at Namecheap, where over 2000 team members use it day in and day out.

And who better to turn to when it comes to creating a shortlist than the team who experiences it every day? Here’s what they came up with. (Don’t forget to leave your own favorite features in the comments below.)

Let the countdown begin!

Here are our top favorite features within Private Email.

11. Easy subscription management

In at number 11, managing teams is easy with Private Email. Whether you need to create more mailboxes, increase storage for someone, create aliases, set blocklists / accept list rules, or remove mailboxes, Private Email has you covered.

Screenshot of presentation tools in Private Email

10. Top collaboration features

Our teams who use Private Email apps – like Text, Spreadsheet, and Presentation – find them to be a great substitution for Google Workspace, with the same collaboration features.

9. Mobile responsiveness

Private Email is optimized for mobile browsers. Our teams told us they found it useful to easily check on their upcoming appointments or for writing last-minute emails while they’re out and about.

Screenshot of Portal screens

8. Portal

Our teams find the Portal app an incredibly useful feature. The portal allows them to see recently received emails, upcoming appointments, birthdays, and even view their Social and RSS feed at a glance, in one dashboard.

7. Unread folder

Our teammates love the unread folder functionality, which allows for an ‘Inbox zero’ approach. By keeping this folder open (by default) during the working day, all the unread emails are easy to manage, and they have the opportunity to check any new messages without needing to switch between folders.

6. Rich personalization opportunities

In number 6, a lot of the smaller features come together as one big point for why we love Private Email: great personalization opportunities. It can look and feel however you want it to – you can change the colors for your navigation panel and appointments and adjust the bookmarks used to mark important emails. Plus, you also have more practical personalizations, like adding quick-access icons, setting up notifications about upcoming appointments, and so much more.

5. Mighty filter rules

Filter rules are easy to add and adjust, even on the go. If you receive a message and realize you’d want to see similar messages in another folder in the future, you can set a filtering rule just by moving the message into a different folder. Members of our teams who chose this option felt it’s a much easier way to create new rules – like filtering by contact.

4. Unified Inbox

illustration of an inbox

As a big company that relies on email communication, some of us might require several mailboxes: a personal company mailbox, and also one that’s shared with other team members. By bringing them into one place, it makes multiple mailboxes much easier to manage, which stops things from getting missed, or a more obscure mailbox from getting forgotten. Private Email allows you to switch between them in one click. We can also reply to, or send messages from, any mailbox needed just by selecting the correct address in the ‘From’ field of outgoing messages.

This tool can be just as useful for solopreneurs as those working for larger businesses. The ability to manage email addresses for admin, returns, info, etc from one place stops important messages from getting missed.

3. Address book with an optional distribution list

We’ve reached the top three! Private Email’s address book – with an optional distribution list – ranked as one of our teams’ most popular features. Distribution lists allow for whole teams to be added as email recipients in just one click. It allows us to check team schedules and easily add them to meetings, instead of putting the names one by one. It’s also easy to keep on top of the lists, as simple editing allows you to add or remove people.

2. Advanced calendar

For many members of the Namecheap staff, Calendar is the # 1 app in Private Email’s app suite. With the possibility to set up meetings across several time zones, highlight your working time, check the availability of other teammates, and even book meeting rooms, Private Email’s Calendar is just a magic wand.

A little-known, but convenient, feature is the ability to use a Private Email calendar as a personal planner by managing the visibility of the appointments you create. Want some time to focus, without any appointments? Create a Private appointment so that everyone can see you’re not available.

Have a deadline you don’t want to accidentally skip or a task you need to work on regularly but rarely (eg. Sending a monthly report to a vendor) – add it to your calendar as a Secret appointment – doing this will leave the slot showing as free for others to invite you to a meeting or call, but at the same time, you’ll see this task clearly on your schedule.

1. Robust security

illustration of locked email box

You probably guessed it – number one is the robust security Private Email offers. Security is unconditionally a top priority for us. We are putting our best efforts to ensure the highest level of security for our clients and, of course, this principle by definition applies to our internal processes.

So, it goes without saying that the most important Private Email feature for us is 2FA protection – the opportunity to make sure that our email correspondence is protected even in cases where login addresses or passwords are compromised.

While Private Email usually has the option to connect to email clients – meaning customers can integrate it with Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, etc – within Namecheap, we made a conscious step towards security by recommending every team member disable IMAP, SMTP, and POP3. This is to ensure 100% protection with 2FA. We can do the same for your business if you contact our customer support.

Did you learn something?

We hope you discovered some tools you didn’t know about as you read through our list. If you want to experience Private Email yourself, don’t forget to join us for our 11th birthday celebrations! From May 3 to 9 you can get 45% off new Private Email subscriptions, and also renewals. This means huge savings for both new and existing customers. See you there!

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Reboot your site for FREE by Namecheap and Brizy

What do you feel when you look at an outdated and neglected website? The chances are you’ll be clicking the back button to find an alternative. That’s because first impressions count when it comes to showcasing your business, blogs, or services online.

The thought of changing your website might feel daunting. Maybe you’ve been thinking about updating it for a while but haven’t had the time, technical know-how, or funds to make it happen.

It’s time to stop your website from holding you back.

With a fresh, new-look website, your credibility will be amplified, instead of diminished. Rather than being anxious or embarrassed, you’ll be confident to show off your website and what you have to offer.

Introducing Reboot My Site – the chance to get your outdated website a dream makeover by our experienced web pros for free. Using managed WordPress by EasyWP and Brizy, we’ll help build the version of your website that you always envisaged.

Who can apply?

As a team of dreamers and doers, we’ll consider all websites. But we’re giving priority to simple business websites, non-profit organizations, personal blogs, and WordPress-run websites.

people painting and touching up old website

What will I get?

If you’re a successful applicant, your website will be completely redesigned using Namecheap Cloud-powered EasyWP, and Brizy, the best site builder for non-techies.

Our professional web design and web developers will take care of all the techy stuff for you, so you can focus on sharing your latest website refreshment plans.

Plus, you’ll get:

  • Full pro website redesign – our professional designers, illustrators, SEO specialists, copywriters, and digital marketers will pimp your site.
  • Free domain and hosting – one year of Namecheap’s EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting, free domain registration, renewal, or transfer depending on your setup.
  • Free Website Builder – One year of Brizy PRO for free.
  • Free PR – publicity for your website through Namecheap’s social media, newsletter, blog, and YouTube channel.

Rejuvenate your website – apply today!

A website that looks like it hasn’t been touched in five years will struggle to provide you with new visitors or customers. Instead, it sends a message that you don’t care about their needs. People are looking for you to solve their problems today, provide the information they will use tomorrow, and use your website as a resource to return to again and again.

Want to rejuvenate your website? Apply today!

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